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3,200HP Billet Aluminium DIESEL | 3,350 LB/FT Torque Monster [TECH TOUR]

– We’ve probably all seen videos on YouTube of spectacular diesel engine failures and with some of these engines capable of producing 2000 horsepower, there’s no surprise that when they let go, they let go in a spectacular fashion. Well in order to keep these engines together, more and more technology needs to be applied […]

Track Day Circuit Academia Titi Aur & FunRide

Track Day ATA Calea Victoriei – Bucuresti. Palatul Cantacuzino Casa Memoriala Geroge Enescu Bd. Libertatii – Casa Poporului Academia Titi Aur – Dambovita S1000RR & Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

You’ve Never Seen A BMW Like THIS Before | 1150HP 1100KG E36 [TECH TOUR]

– When it comes to being competitive at Pike’s Peak, power and weight are key. And with 1150 horsepower and just a touch over 1100 kg of weight, this E36 behind me should be a pretty potent competitor in the open class. Now we’re here with Wayne from Bimmerworld, engineer behind this car to find […]

Anti-Lag VS 2-Step Launch Control | Not Just For Pops And Bangs [HPA Q&A]

– Danny has asked, can you explain how would maps like bangs and pops and anti-lag work? OK so a couple of different things here. So anti-lag or two step launch control, two different options there. So actual anti-lag which I refer to as rally anti-lag is where the driver is off the throttle and […]

ŠKODA SUPERB iV and Tereza Maxová on the path to sustainable future

I have been working in fashion for many years and I can see that fashion has a negative impact on our planet: we buy more than we need, we put away clothes which still can be used. But, thank God, there is a lot of designers which are choosing the sustainable way. Today I’m going […]

1UZ vs 3UZ, 4L Judd V8 Dreams and More | Today At HPA [UPDATE 233]

– Hey guys, Andre from High Performance Academy here, welcome along to another one of our webinars. Now today we’re going to be looking at transient fuel tuning on the Haltech Elite 2500 ECU. This is one of those aspects that I know even a lot of professional tuners really struggle with and getting your […]

Triumph Street Triple RX – Custom Barker Motorcycle Exhaust

Hi guys welcome back to another MD video, today we are heading to Barker motorcycle systems for the possible development and then later possible install of my very own custom exhaust system for my Triumph Street Triple RX stay tuned There you go guys thanks to Claire at Barker motorcycle systems, if you want to […]