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The New Breed Of E Bikes: In The Workshop And On The Trail

E-Mountain bikes are changing and you don’t have to look too far back to these designs are pretty clunky With motors of batteries literally chucked onto a normal mountain bike but now we’re seeing ground up designs that much more integrated the driving Force literally behind that a smaller more compact motor systems like this […]

How To Boost Your Power On The Bike | GCN Pro Tips

=- Now you might not want more power from going into politics or trying to run a multinational company, but I can’t imagine there’s a single one us that wouldn’t want more power when it’s in the context of bike riding. It is a word that gets banded around an awful lot though. So to […]

Unboxing The NEW fi’zi:k 2018 Saddle Range | Win With GCN!

– Welcome to the super fi’zi:k GCN unboxing. It’s super because we are getting an exclusive look at the 2018 fi’zi:k Range. But then it’s also super because of the sheer magnitude of it. We’ve actually had to split it and make two videos. In one, we’ve been looking at these. The 2018 fi’zi:k Shoe […]

Top 5 Things Not To Do In A Bike Park | GMBN At Whistler Crankworx

– Bike parks around the world, sometimes you pick up some bad habits along the way. – Yeah, and some of those bad habits can be a bit intimidating for other riders, but also pretty dangerous for yourself. Here are five things you should definitely not do in a bike park (relaxed electronic music) – […]

Marco Fontana’s Bianchi Methanol XC Bike | GMBN Pro Bikes

– In today’s Pro Bike Check, we’re gonna take a look at Marco Fontana’s Bianchi Methanol cross-country race bike. (Slow rhythmic music) So Marco, the veteran Italian cross-country racer, now rides the Italian brand Bianchi, on the Countervail team. And this is his race bike. It’s a small frame. Marco’s one of the shorter riders […]

Basic MTB Fork Maintenance You Should Be Doing | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– [Doddy] Mountain bike suspension is something we’ve all come to rely on as such an essential part of mountain biking these days. And while it’s really reliable and works very well once set up correctly, it’s all about the maintenance to ensure it stays working that way. So here’s some top maintenance mistakes that […]

How To Film And Edit Your Own Movie | Blake’s Mountain Biking Edit

– Right, dudes, do you want to see something that I’ve created, edited, and filmed all on my own? Take a look at this. (upbeat music) Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, wait, wait wait. I can’t give it all away. First things first, I’m going to show you how to edit and create that edit. […]