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Coronavirus – Vélo, VTT et confinement

hello I publish this video in reaction to reactions that I see on social networks some MTB rider think that lockdown means hollidays… during which they can go to ride or train I’m aware of this epidemic because… Fanny works at the hospital her sister is a nurse at the hospital too in Alsace on […]

VTT HARDCORE ep2 : Violence avec Fatscal

VIOLENCE WITH FATSCAL directed by Alexis Righetti so Pascal.. today we’ll ride a peak never done by Fatscal so it exists mountains in Queyras he didn’t ride I don’t know this place it’s good you put your solar panels yes let’s go… pedaling! more than 2 tonnes are prohibited. Do you think it’s good with […]

ENERGIE BRUTE – le freeride comme carburant !

many ask me the question… what drives me to go in mountains like this? what drives me to get up on weekends rather than weekdays? …to suffer for hours? …to freeze myself? is it hot? we will swim! …to put my life on the line sometimes? what is it worth? RAW ENERGY directed by Alexis […]

Mountain Biking Down Under! | Blake’s Australia Vlog

(metal crunching) (upbeat electronic music) – [Flight Attendant] This way please. – We are currently on the other side of the planet from where our country is. We’re in Australia, dude. Whoa. Where’s the kangaroos at? There. (door opening) Ooh. Time to ride. Got water, obviously going to need that, ’cause it’s going to be […]

Where Can You Ride An E Bike? | E Mountain Bike Access Around The World

– Over there, Wales, raining as usual but one of the hubs of the Industrial Revolution. And in that particular area, one of the densest, legal networks of trails in the world. As a direct result of people traveling to work in days gone by. Over here, in England, also an intricate network of trails […]


[Helmet Cam Kid] What happened? 2x [Blue Shirt] I couldn’t stop [Blue Shirt] I hit the work bench [ROFLing while talking] Wait did you *inaudible* into the thing? Ha Ha [Blue Shirt] I — uh a hit the key and it turned off. [Uhahuh] Hwait you ,you hit dat? [Blue Shirt] No I almost did […]

First Ride on The Hydraulic Clutch!

What is going on guys I’m gonna make you a short little video today because I didn’t really get anything out last week And I’m still struggling to get something out this week So I just want to give you guys a little bit of an update enough of me Let me show you what […]