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How To Set Up And Establish A Breakaway

Setting up a successful breakaway requires a mixture of luck and judgement. You need to judge when you’re with the right combination of riders, and you need that little bit of luck that the bunch won’t bring you back immediately. So how do you set a breakaway up? The first thing to remember is to […]

How To Hang Tough On A Climb | 10 Tips To Not Get Dropped

– If you ever ride your bike with anybody else, and I really hope you do because it’s great. Then there will be days when you’re not the strongest in the group and that can be a really painful experience. Especially if you’re going up long climbs, and again, I really hope you because long […]

Cycling’s Best Escape Artists: 10 Of The Most Epic Breakaways Of 2019

(whooshing) – No rider ever gets into a breakaway thinking (sighing) this’ll do for the next four or five hours, until we hand over the sprinters and they can have their fun. Often it does end up in a bunch, but sometimes there’s a big upset. And we love it! When those who battle to […]

How To Climb Like A Pro: Emma Pooley’s Guide To ‘Climbing Nasty’

– For today’s video we’ve enlisted the help of Emma Pooley. A name that will no doubt be familiar to many of you. If you don’t know who she is, she has been a world champion in the Time Trial, she’s won four stages of the Giro d’Italia, and she’s won La Flèche Wallonne. We […]

Cycling adventures: road racing bike

Hi, I’m Daniel Oakman, senior curator at the National Museum of Australia and welcome to my cycling adventures. Today I’ll be riding this carbon fibre road bike in a race with the Canberra Veterans Cycling Club. That’s me in the red and white jersey. The kind of racing I’m riding in here is called the […]

How To Ride Out Of The Saddle

riding out of the saddle can be a tricky skill to master and even longtime cyclists may find they’re not actually as comfortable out of the saddle as they are in it but it might just be that a quick hint or tip is all you need to set you right now one of the […]