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Post Race Banter | GMBN Asks The Pros At Andes Pacifico 2020

The Andes Pacifico is an amazing event as the riders spend the best part of a week racing from the high mountains to the sea. It’s one of the last chances to tune up before the EWS season kicks off in earnest. Just as seriously as these pros take their racing, they also take relaxing […]

The Emma Pooley Special – AUDIO FIXED | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– Welcome to a very special edition of Ask GCN, as we’re very lucky to have with us on this week’s show, none other than former Olympic medalist, former world time trial champion, and current duathlon long distance champion, Emma Pooley. Welcome Emma to the show, and thanks very much for coming in. – Thanks […]

How To Stop Knee Pain While Cycling | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– Faster than a brand new kilometer record at sea level, it’s here again. The show where you ask and we answer your cycling related questions. It’s ask GCN Anything. Now first up we have this question from Marcus who says, “@gcntweet I love the show, keep it up. But how do I know when […]

Just How Much Better Is Electronic Shifting? | GCN Tech Clinic

– Welcome to the Tech Clinic. Unfortunately, Jon couldn’t make it today, because, – I’ve been snowed in. Can’t even get out of my gate. Although people are walking through my field to go sledding, but don’t worry, normal service will resume shortly. – However, fear not. I have braved the treacherous arctic conditions, and […]

Are Wider Tyres Worth It? | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– On this week’s ask GCN anything, we shall be discussing leg length discrepancy, ceramic bearings, riding over cattle grids, and a whole lot more. First up though, a question in on Twitter from Tom Mason, I currently ride 23 millimetre Conti tyres but I’m heading over to Belgium for a few days. Should I […]

What’s Your Favourite Food | GCN Asks The Pros

– Just to the right of me, your left, I’ve got a whole heap of riders who are probably doing their best to try and avoid me, but don’t worry, I’m going to go in there and find out exactly what their favorite pre-race meal is, and also, what’s their favorite food in general? So […]

The Art And Science Of Time Trialling With David Millar

– David Millar’s new film, Time Trial, has just been released worldwide, and to celebrate that fact, we get to go for a ride with the man himself, talk about bike riding and drill down into the essence of what you have to do to go fast. Is it an art, or is it a […]

How Can I Stop Cramp? | Ask GCN Anything

– Happy New Year and welcome back to another Ask GCN Anything. – This week we have questions on cramping, how to travel with hydraulic disc brakes and bike insurance. – Yup, don’t forget the hashtags are still the same as they were last year, #torquebag for all your cycling related questions and to have […]

Can You Learn To Suffer Like A Pro? | Ask GCN Anything

– Hello and welcome to ask GCN Anything! – This week, we are answering your questions on mental fitness, smooth pedaling, and why team mechanics sit in the back of the car and not the front. – Good questions, then, and a little bit of everything. Don’t forget for your chance to be with a […]