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Liquidación Excepcional de bicicletas en Mammoth

We are living an exceptional situation and we are going to do a liquidation of bikes also exceptional and for a limited time. Great discounts on all seasonal bikes before 2020, which reach 50% off. Mountain, road, gravel, bicycle touring, urban, children’s … Bikes for ALL a very special prices until the end of the […]

Hangi Elektrikli Bisiklet Sistemini Tercih Etmeli?

We are here today in Eurasia Exhibition Center in Istanbul We came to Unibike Expo 2019 We will have a look at the newest Electric Bike models of the season Let’s do it. Electric bikes are everywhere! Too many options to choose from might be confusing but don’t worry… There are 3 main manufacturers dominating […]

Breakfast Ride ? Lets do something Different !!

whazz up guys. how are you. todays sunday and its 5 AM now normally sundays we go on a breakfast ride a few days i met my brothers and had a discussion of where to go this sunday and everyone were suggesting breakfast ride but we discussed and thought every-time we are going on breakfast […]

A60E18 Poori Chole | #Amritsar60 | City On Pedals

Today we are going to taste the most mouthwatering breakfast of Amritsar So guys let’s get started Chole Poori recipe is the popular North Indian breakfast dish which can also be served as a fulfilled meal in lunch or dinner Chole, Chickpea or bean is a versatile legume and its seeds are high in protein […]

A60E16 Municipal Printing Press | #Amritsar60 | City On Pedals

We are at the Municipal Printing Press it was built in 1930 by the Municipal Corporation And up until today all the administrative documents that are required by the the Municipal Corporation are produced here This is where the paper cutting is going on and on my left side we can see the complete color […]