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Bicycle Rim Brake Identification – What Type of Brake Do I Have?

In this video we’ll identify different types of cable actuated rim brake calipers, and we’ll guide you to the appropriate repair help video if it exists in our collection. If you’re working with disc or hydraulic brakes, we have links to that content in the text description below. Caliper identification is part of our video […]

What Is A Road Bike? | Beginners Guide | Tredz Bikes

Fast and efficient, road bikes are the quickest way to cycle on tarmac. Road bikes are built around lightweight frames, entry-level road bikes will have aluminium alloy frames, more expensive road bikes will have carbon fibre composite frames. As well as been lighter and stiffer, carbon fibre frames offer a smoother ride. Skinny tires roll […]

Are E-Bikes Too Heavy? | EMBN Show Ep. 39

Welcome to the EMBN show, the power station for everything electric mountain bike. And in a week where Specialized have taken the news with their new Turbo Levo, we turn our attention to Kona and Graham Agassiz with a new remote control. – Yeah, we’ve also seen a huge rise in the entries on e-bike […]

The eBike Cycle Tourists

Basically when I met Garry, or married Garry 6 years ago, he said “Stick with me baby and we’ll go places”, and that’s all we’ve ever done is moved and travelled and had a very exciting time. Up to today we’ve cycled 24,350 km Just about spot on 75 km a day 13 countries Collectively […]

Surfing trucks – world trip by bicycle!

Today a guy from the radio interviewed me and asked what I’d think about cycling in Africa. And I answered: “Well, it’s different!” At least different from the two other continents we cycled on. So this is what African downhill roads look like! But only a few roads in Rwanda and Uganda were as empty […]

Korean electric bicycle market flourishes with help of office workers

Bikes are more than just a good way to break a sweat…, for some, it’s the main mode of transportation when punching in for work. For any office worker suffering from quadriceps strain after tackling steep slopes in their daily pedalling, electric bicycle is a godsend. Cho sung min explains further why it’s becoming one […]

Dutch Cycle Trip (Pt.1) – Bicycle Touring in the Netherlands

just come into the Hook of Holland it’s half past seven first day of our holiday oh well our first cycle route on fietspad or cycleway number 22 very industrial here people are very friendly had two ‘hellos’ and we’ve only been going a couple of minutes that’s hard work isn’t it looking on route […]


hey guys what’s up and welcome to Malaga Spain marc, sam and I went on a short trip to Spain we are going to ride here the next few days that’s my apartment, lets go down and check there’s building bikes lets build up bikes and then go on our first adventure of the trip […]