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Garmin Edge 830: Testsieger im GPS-Geräte-Test in BIKE 7/19

Hello dear BIKE readers, whether on an Alpine crossing, when riding loops or looking for new trails: Those who want to navigate completely relaxed and without getting lost, needs a GPS device. But the latest generation of mob computers can do much more than just navigate and track. They are small, diversely linked and control […]

RaceMyGhost indoor bike app – an indoor cycle, virtual race app for iPhone,iPad and iPod

Welcome to RaceMyGhost where powerful technology turns indoor cycling into addictive exercise. Using the Wahoo Fitness iPhone bike case or ANT+ dongle, your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad can receive speed, cadence, and heart rate data from any compatible ANT+ sensors. The RaceMyGhost application turns indoor cycling into a race filled with psychological data that […]

GCN’s Top 10 Cycling Apps

– Coming up on GCN, top ten cycling apps. First up on our list is a brand new app, just released called Fitness AR. Which is a bit of a glimpse into the future, but also a detailed augmented reality look at the ride you’ve already done in the past. It is powered by map […]

Hammerhead Karoo GPS Bike Computer Detailed & Demoed

(whoosh) – This is the Hammerhead Karoo. If you’re after a bike computer for navigation and routing, routing in you’re American, then this unit aims to be the best tool for the job. There’s a lot of tech and hardware crammed into this Android-based computer though, meaning it has the potential to offer far more […]

The Best Body Armour? | Ask EMBN Anything About E Bikes

– B is for batteries, body armor and Bluetooth and we’ll also be talking about Brose and Bosch motors on today’s Ask EMBN show. (electronic music) – Let’s dive straight in. We’ve got this one in from Grim Reaper: – OBD2 scanner, did you mention serial number in there, Chris? – Sounded like someone off […]