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She Asked To Go For A Ride Today

scooter what are you doing you want to go for a ride? oh yeah ? whew! that is a good day of riding. huh,lover? you got to love it and we did some social distancing didn’t we scooter wow you’re good boy scooter what’s the matter boy what are you doing you want to go […]

How To Fix A Creaking Bottom Bracket Or Cranks

The most common cause of unwanted noises while you ride your bike comes while you pedal, meaning that in all likelihood it comes from the drivetrain down here. We’ll start with the easy bits first, but remember that any time you do anything to the bike, go and ride it afterwards to see whether or […]

Top 10 Cycling Fashion Disasters

– [Man 1] GCN’s top 10 cycling fashion disasters. In at number 10, Ryder Hesjedal’s sunglasses. Now the 2013 Tour de France wasn’t perhaps the most exciting from a racing perspective, which could be why the gaze of many spectators averted to what Ryder Hesjedal was spotting around his face. Now the sunglasses in question […]

How To True A Disc Brake Rotor On Your Bike

– There might be times where you’re getting a little bit of disc brake rotor rub and no matter how much tweaking of the brake calliper alignment you do, you just can’t get rid of it. Now if that is you, then look closely, because you actually might find that it has nothing to do […]

Starting My Engine Build! | RM250 Rebuild 11

what’s going on everyone as you can imagine I’m extremely excited for today’s project we are going to be starting on the RM250 engine build we’re going all the way up from the cases as you can see back here I’m gonna be installing the crankshaft transmission gear shift stuff we’re gonna be making a […]

Comfort VS Extreme bikepacking setup

Hello everyone, this is axel from BikingMan.com Today I want to share with you a quick tutorial on Bikepacking bags and how to make the right choice whether you’re going for a fast bike packing configuration For a small backpacking trip or an ultra cycling race. Or going for an expedition style bikepacking configuration where […]

Why Do I Live In A Van? (Hint: It’s NOT for Instagram)

I get asked all the time how I can live in a van, and it feels like a weird question. I mean, the real question is, how did I live in a car? What I’m trying to say is, if you first have a good enough reason why, you’ll figure out the how. So, today, […]

Campagnolo Riders: Caleb Ewan – Team Lotto-Soudal

I’m Caleb Ewan, I’m from Australia and I ride for Lotto-Soudal. I normally train at home in Monaco, so actually lots of hills for me. Which, yeah sometimes isn’t ideal but in the end it’s actually good for my climbing obviously and helps me get through things like Grand Tours because in races like that […]