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Electric PAL Scooter – Easy To Carry Autonomous Bike

hello everyone! Welcome to our Channel today we are going to talk about one of the innovative technology which we will see very soon available in the marketplace the technology is titled as autonomous electric scooter before heading to the details if you haven’t subscribed our channel then please hit the subscribe button and click […]

Everything You Need To Know About Electric Bikes

This presentation’s gonna go into a little bit about: What are these things all about? If you’ve test ridden one–how many folks test rode already today? All right! How has your mind kind of wrapped around this electric bike thing, now that you’ve ridden it? Does it make more sense now? Before you came out, […]

How To Stay Safe On A Mountain Bike Ride | MTB Trail Safety

– Although many of us don’t really like to admit it riding mountain bikes is dangerous. And if you’re an experienced rider, you’ve been around for a few years, you’ve probably seen people out on the trail get injured, or yourselves been injured, I know I have. This time last year, I got hurt out […]

Sustainable Performance Merino Wool

So I’m really excited about our new merino wool program for 2019. With our merino wool we approached it very scientifically and one of the things that’s really unique and what I love about it is how this product works with the body and what the body needs when you’re riding a bike. 100 percent […]

Slammed Vs. Non Slammed | GCN Does Science

– Back at the Abu Dhabi tour in February, Matt noticed that some of the pro’s positions were getting even more extreme. Stems were slammed and in some cases they even had the nose of the saddle tilted ever so slightly downwards. – Yeah, and after some really high level investigation, I found out that […]

The Cheapest Aero Upgrade For Cycling? | GCN Tech Wind Tunnel Tested

– In this video, we’re going to test the different upgrades you can make to your bikes or equipment to see which of them actually makes you the fastest. – That’s right. We’re going to see which is the biggest bang for your buck. We’re going to test aero helmets, deep-section wheels, tri bars, and […]

Tesla Model Y first ride: 75% the model 3

(rock music) Hey, everybody. It’s Sean O’Kane from The Verge, and I’m here in California at Tesla’s Design Studio, which is right next to SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles. We’re here for a Tesla event tonight where they’re going to unveil the Model Y. Welcome to the Tesla Design Studio. So in terms of where […]

I Can Do Anything On An E-Bike | 15 Questions With Steve Geall

(eletronics chirp) – So we’ve seen a lot of people switch across to e-bikes recently, a few people catch my eyes with their Instagrams, social stuff. This is one guy I really wanted to get to know a bit better. This is Steve Geall, he’s probably one of the most stylish guys to ever swing […]

The Lord of the Hills

Wow, f*cking great! 😀 He’s gonna do it! F*cking almost done!.. Hi to all, boys and girls! Enduro Master here! And a bunch of other riders… Including Alex Shunkov and our new guest, who is riding at the moment Artiom Kuntsevitch! Enduro-bowling Doing strike with a dash… Striking Alex! Roll #1 by Artiom Kuntsevitch Roll […]