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Is Finale Ligure The Best Place To Ride An E-Bike? | EMBN Show Ep. 57

– Hello and welcome to this week’s EMBN show from the mountain bike Makar of Finale, Ligure. Ligure! – Ligure, that’s right. – And we are joined by Enrico Guala who has seen 25 years of mountain bike develop in this location and more importantly in the last five years E-biking. Now, Enrico is also […]

First Ride 2017 | + Eng Subs

…NICE to ride again I really missed that well, it’s still quite cold at this time still beginning of March but I think, it can just become better and better for the first ride of 2017, I’m not gonna improvise too much I just head to a meet point for motorcycle that should be good […]

TAILLEFER A VTT – ALPS MTB #1 – freeride, DH – Grenoble, Isère

fuck! we have to climb that? you don’t know that this morning, Fanny hurts her back tying her sholaces and now she’s carrying a 15 kg bike and a 10 kg bag I don’t know… it’s female logic I don’t want to remove the bike hands down yes I see that you’re biking without hand […]

Secret Snowboarding Freeride Spots in Tauplitz, Austria

Thanks to wepowder.com we finally found ourselves standing in powder again at the start of January. To show our gratitude we would like to share the following with all of you: Freeriding Routes in Tauplitz, Austria (yes, I know it doesn’t need translating, but still..) Two weeks ago, in the first half of januari 2017, […]

Cycling Photography Tips and Tutorial Sports Outdoor @fabulousport

So Good Morning! I am at the stunning Barrage the Roselend where in a moment there’s going to be the Criterium du Dauphiné cycling professional race passing by and what I’m trying to do as it’s an amazing landscape here I’m trying to set up a shot in a way that I’m going to get […]

Freeride Skiing in Kühtai | VLOG #12 | Kenny Rider

Hello and welcome to a new video. We just arrived in Kühtai. The next 4 days we will go skiing here. It’s so cool to be in the mountains again. Let’s go! First run of the day. The snow conditions aren’t really good. The snow condidtions aren’t Perfect, but we definitely have enough snow. That’s […]

VTT BRUTAL : Alexis, Fatscal, le rocher cèdera – MTB, enduro, freeride

the start is hard there are cliffs evreywhere directed by Alexis Righetti today I’m taking you to the Queyras backcountry it’s the first time I ride in high mountains after my accident it will rock! hi Pascal I present you the best fatbike rider in France ok, one of the bests maybe you don’t know […]

Pointe Helbronner Freeride

… harness? Sorry? I’m not going with you. Without harness? If you fall into the crevasse, you are fucked. So where should I go? Back. Back? You can’t ski without harness. Do what you want but…

Road to Weissensee. A Bike Trip Story.

So everything has started here in beautiful Innsbruck This is me, my bike and some stuff. And here are glorious people from komoot team. We got together in one place to ride bikes to another place and meet more glorious people from komoot team. Wait wait but Why? Okay let me explain. People work for […]