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How To Clean Your Bike On Holiday Or Travelling | Maintenance Monday

– You’ve come away on the riding trip of a lifetime, you’ve been on perfect roads in perfect weather, and then one day this happens. Which is a problem. But you ride anyway, because you’re hard as nails, obviously And then, then you have an issue because your bike is now absolutely filthy. So what […]

Why the Tour de France is so brutal

If you look closely at this pack of riders in the Tour de France, you’ll see some of the best cyclists in the world. They’re here in the back. They’re keeping up but also resting while their teammates in the front do most of the work. It’s a technique called drafting and it’s what helps […]

What Goes On At The Verbier E-Bike Festival?

– Over the past few years, we’ve certainly been to a lot of E-bike shows here on EMBN, but never a festival. So we’re here in Verbier. Got beautiful trails, beautiful mountains, beautiful food, so it makes complete sense to have a E-bike festival. So what’s it all about then? Well, today we’re going to […]

Is This The World’s Hardest Race? | E-Bike Tour Du Mont Blanc 2019

– With 16,000 meters of climbing, 18,000 meters of descending, 350 kilometers. Is the Tour du Mont Blanc the hardest e-mountain bike race in the world? Well, over the next three days and three countries, I’m about to find out. (rock music) That’s hard days work, Fabrice, hard days work. (rock music) Now it really […]

The Best Cycling Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of | GCN Show Ep. 346

– Welcome to the GCN Show brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, we have the best cycling destinations you’ve never heard of. Cycling shorts, GCN inspiration, Hack or Bodge, and our first ever live Wattage Bazooka. – And, we’re live, we’re live at Saalbach, for GCN Saalbach. (audience cheering) (orchestral music) (upbeat music) […]

Haute Route: Mountain Biking Extreme (Full HD) l VAUDE

The Haute Route is actually a famous ski tour from Chamonix to Zermatt. The idea being to take the highest route possible from A to B. We are going to do this on a mountain bike, from Verbier to Brig. Always staying just below the glaciers. All in all, we are going to climb 10000 […]

Europes toughest Mountain Bike Race: The Swiss Epic (Full HD) I VAUDE

Swiss Epic is a great adventure. The toughest stage race I ever did. The Swiss Epic is a huge challenge for every mountain biker. You have to be capable of riding uphill, but you also have to push hard in the flat. You need technical skills, in all kinds of terrain. The track is extremly […]

Haute Route – A Mighty Mountain Bike Experience

Haute Route Everyone talks about the Haute Route as the Ultimate Classic across the Alps The route can be done by foot or with skis between Chamonix in France and Zermatt in Switzerland But the thing is, I’m really fond of cycling As usual, these two joined me on the trip and although at first […]

Traversing the Alps on a Mountain Bike – A Scenic Journey

This summer’s project was to ride over the Alps from east to west but when we arrived at the airport in Ljubljana there were three very important items missing You were coming from Oslo to Brussels to Ljubljana So we ended up being tourists in Slovenia where, in addition to having a very refreshing bath […]