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Cheap Bike Vs Super Bike | Commuter Challenge

– [Ollie] We’ve see the difference between riding a cheap bike and a super bike while cycling. And, well, it’s pretty big. Super bikes allow you to ride faster for the same effort. And that’s probably why they feel so much fun. – [Hank] Yeah, but what about in the real world? What about riding […]

Should I Buy A Carbon Or Aluminium Bike? Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

(instrumental hip-hop music) – It’s a brand new year. However, we are going to continue answering your cycling questions every Friday here on Ask GCN Anything. And, if you’ve just decided to get into cycling, please don’t be embarrassed by your questions. We’ve all been in the same position at some point, and they really […]

YT Capra Unboxing | YT Capra Review of components | 2018

Hey, I’m walking over to Zach’s he just got his brand-new YT capra today, we’re gonna unbox it This is Eric with Ride Labs and today I’m with Zach and he’s gonna open his brand-new YT Capra You can see it sitting here in the box. Are you excited Zach? I am the most excited […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Titanium | GCN Tech Does Science

(collisions reverberating) – We’ve looked at the myths surrounding carbon fiber. We’ve lifted the lid on aluminum. We’ve investigated whether steel is in fact real; it was. But, there is still a big gap in the GCN Material Sciences Course. And that, is titanium. For a while, in the early ’90s, titanium was going to […]

Metal Vs Carbon: Which Bikes Are Better? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 3

– This S100 at the Tour Down Under. – [All] Welcome to the GCN Tech Show! – Woo! – And I’m gonna be bringing you the latest and greatest tech that these guys are using. Go on guys! – And of course having already got an amazing tan, I’ve stayed back here in our beloved […]

Walmart Mountain Bike Iron Horse 29″ Sinister Review

this is a quick review for the iron horse sinister twenty nine digit number in my first mountain biking for beginners video i mention that bites in the big box stores are not made for offered to use and they all have warning stickers informing you of this recently i was informed that walmart sturdy […]

Should You Buy Alloy Or Carbon Mountain Bike? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. Of course this is the weekly Q and A show. You ask the questions, and we try and give you the right answers. Get your questions into the email address on the bottom of the screen there, or get involved in those comments. Don’t forget to use the hashtag […]

Will Your MTB Tyres Burst On A Plane? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. This is our weekly Q&A show. You get to ask questions related to technical stuff with mountain bikes and hopefully we give you those answers that you need. So if you wanna get involved, email us on the email address on the bottom of the screen there. Make sure […]

Carbon Fiber Vs Aluminium – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Aluminium

aluminium is one of the most common materials with which to build bikes while the cheapest buy extends me steal the most expensive a typically carbon fiber the middle ground is occupied by aluminium which to many people I guess Masek seem particularly unexcited and also gets a bad rap it’s less comfortable than steel […]