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A-Line Air Time Jump Challenge | Blake Samson Vs Greg Callaghan Vs Zak Johansen

– Welcome back you beautiful people. I’m surrounded by two rad dudes. We’ve got Zak Johansen and we’ve got Greg Callaghan, part of the CUBE ActionTeam. And we’ve got a special game of A-line, air challenge, you ready? – Hell yeah. – Let’s go. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) – Ooh my God! – Yeah! (upbeat […]

Martyn Ashton Rides Whistler

(upbeat music) – So I’m finally going to Whistler, the mecca of mountain biking. I’m making the pilgrimage to one of the most famous riding spots on the planet. This is my chance to shine at Whistler Crankworx! I’m gonna be getting involved, soaking up the atmosphere, racing, hanging out with pros and legendary trails […]