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2 RIDERS on A MINI BIKE – WTF?? (Naska + Marcon on Ohvale)

My friend Luca Pedersoli always says problem equals opportunity and this is a very good way of thinking Because if you see problems as a problem, you will never succeed, but if you see problems as opportunities You will find another solution which may be even better. So considering that in Milan We have a […]

LA PRIMA VOLTA DI MIO PADRE – Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Iron

I take this opportunity to say hello to Alessandro Bulega This is one of the hard drives because I use it as a backup for all the material I have done so far for my motovlogs Inside I found an unnamed hidden folder inside which contained the video files of my father’s first time I […]


Hello everyone as you can see I’m at the Franciacorta racetrack and behind me there are two beautiful bikes these are two yamaha r1 2018 with substantial differences one has been loaned to us by the Pedersoli Riding School and it’s an all-road bike, like the one you buy from the dealer the other is […]