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E-bike salary packaging – the all-sorted solution

People get to work in many different ways. Many people drive and especially in the inner city that means that you often get stuck in traffic. Many people also take public transport which means you’re at the mercy of a timetable. The e-bike is a great alternative. There’s obvious benefits to riding to work: it’s […]

Easy + Cheap eBike!! Motorized Wheel Conversion Kit REVIEW

Hey guys, I’m ben from Authentech and e-bikes are getting really popular But they can be pretty expensive This is [a] cool solution It comes with the tire a battery motor built into the hub you attach it to the bicycle You already have and now you have an [E-bike]. Let’s check it out There’s […]

Electric Bike for Two!

(energetic music) – This is the latest Rad Power Bike. And I’m making the boys carry it in the house (laughs). They sent it to us and said they would sponsor a video if we would unbox it and review it, and ride it, and compare it to all of our other Rad Power Bikes. […]