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Cycling Kyrgyzstan

[Music] there’s so many things we take for granted every day of our lives running water from the tap electricity outlets phones food always fresh and plenty owning a car or a bicycle but these things aren’t always there for everyone when traveling we’re always being exposed to new things and especially in Kyrgyzstan we […]

Cycling Tour from Narkanda to Jeori : Episode 2

Hello guys, welcome back to honeybee adventures today’s the day 2 . I am at Narkanda,look at the view ! Isn’t it beautiful My name is Akshay it’s Day 2 cycling from Narkanda. We are going to Rampur Bushahr . Lovely View Here ! It’s mostly all downhill, my bike is parked there. Okay, let […]

Road Bike Vs Gravel Bike – Jebel Shams Epic Ride Oman

– Road cycling has been undergoing a change in recent years in that it’s no longer confined to just roads. – Take for example, that mountain over their Jebel Shams it’s the highest peak in Oman the third highest on the Arabian Peninsula. By all accounts it is a fantastic ride to the top but […]

2019 Unity Murphy Bed

Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. We’re live in beautiful Clear Lake, Manitoba. How great is this? The brand-new 2019 Unity MB. This is the best looking B+ motorhome in the industry. Big bed. Big bathroom. Stand-up shower, dry bath, lots of living space, The Leisure Lounge Plus chairs is a great option. The big […]

REI Trailheads: Is it your first time mountain biking?

Too much? I’m gonna go change. Yeah good good call. This is Kelsi and Colin and we’re going mountain biking. Turbospoke? Cool. Hi you guys. I’m Kat Sweet with Sweet Lines and I will be your mountain bike coach here with REI. Nice. Well this is our first time mountain biking. Very first… Have bikes […]

Mountain Bike Adventure in the Sydney Blue Mountains

Hey, this is Henry from We Are Explorers and we’re all about microventures. Today we’re on an adventure in the Blue Mountains and we’re heading to a place called Splendour Rock. Come along for the ride. The Blue Mountains are about a 90 minute drive away from Sydney, or a train ride into Katoomba. When […]

Mountain Biking Technique: Riding Off-Camber

I’m Kat Sweet, professional mountain bike coach, jumper, downhiller, I live and breathe mountain biking. When you hit more difficult trails, you’ll start to come across off camber sections. Now these are particularly tricky because the angle of the slope is falling away from your wheels. Think of the slope of the ground as being […]

Could An E-Bike Be The Only Bike You Need? | One Bike To Rule Them All?

– Just a few years ago, I had bikes for every style and discipline going. There was dirt jump bikes, free ride bikes, downhill bikes, cross country bikes. But technology’s moved on massively over the last few years. Today we’re asking the question can one e-mountain bike do it all? (upbeat hip hop music) Now […]