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Top 5 Essential Skills For Mountain Bikers To Practise | MTB Skills

(upbeat music) – Pedalling a regular cadence will help you to ride smoothly. By that, I mean trying to keep a good average power through the peddles rather than power surges or trying to use too big a gear. (tires riding over gravel) Most of us have probably a slightly different preferred natural cadence. It’s […]

Are You Leaning OR Lowering? And What’s Better? | DailyGroove 027

I’m going to help you get more control of what you’re doing when you’re getting lower on the bike. (boom shudders) Hey Groovers, Chris Carter here. Welcome to the Daily Groove. Often, you’ll hear me talk about lowering your chest as part of getting control over your position through corners or up climbs or downhill, […]

GMBN’s Best Mountain Bike Tech Of 2017

– 2017 has been a pretty unbelievable year for bike tech. There’s so many new bikes coming out, some really cool, not quite boutique, but almost bespoke, smaller brands, producing some ultra high-end kit, and, of course, loads of nice riding bits and pieces. So, here’s some of the cool stuff that we’ve seen from […]