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Mountain Biking in the Scottish Borders – Ruaridh’s Story

Growing up in the countryside, I kind of took to mountain biking quite naturally really. We used to just climb trees, ride our bikes round the hills and we just had a freedom to roam. I was very fortunate to take up mountain biking when Glentress and the Seven Stanes were really taking off. So […]

Review: Gazelle Arroyo Electric Bike

Hi my name is Karen Wiener and I am here at The New Wheel with the Gazelle Arroyo. This is one of the first bike that Gazelle is bringing into the United States powered by electricity. Gazelle has a long history of building really comfortable transportation oriented bikes. They’ve been building bikes since 1902 and […]

Review: Tern Vektron S10 Folding Electric Bike

– [Karen] Hi, I’m Karen Wiener from The New Wheel Electric Bikes, and I am joined today by Daniel, who works with me here at The New Wheel in Larkspur as a salesperson. Thanks for being here with me today. – [Daniel] I’m glad to be here. – Daniel is a Vektron rider, and so […]

Review: Gazelle Arroyo C8 Elite Electric Bike

– [Brett] Hi, I’m Brett from The New Wheel, and today, I’m with Rohan, one of our salespeople from San Francisco, and we are with the Gazelle Arroyo Elite, a brand new electric bicycle from Royal Dutch Gazelle. So, Rohan, the Arroyo we’ve had in the lineup for a long time now. What is new […]

E Bike Tuning: Giant SyncDrive 2018 EVO und CHARGE Display Unterschied

Dear e-bike tuners, here I will briefly introduce the difference between a CHARGE and an EVO display, connected to a Giant 2018 Sync Drive Sport Motor. The RedPed tuning chip is built in, so that the display counts and saves almost everything, comparable to the Intuvia display from the Bosch. This is the total distance, […]