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X-H1: Dan Edwards x Motorsports, Bike -Proud of – / FUJIFILM

I’m Dan Edwards, I’m a Cape Town Sports Photographer I’m here shooting some motor-cross with the Fuji kit My background is film I started at school shooting black and white developing my own film in the darkroom My parents wouldn’t let me turn the home bathroom into a darkroom so I put the camera down […]


The ELITE C:68X is 15% lighter than its predecessor and designed with even greater comfort in mind. Revised Agile Ride Geometry is perfect for marathon and cross-country racing. It’s all possible thanks to the combination of our high-end C:68X carbon and Advanced Twin Mold manufacturing technology. Slender seat stays help absorb trail vibration for greater […]

Downhill Mountain Biking in the Wilds of Africa

Camera rolling. Dropping in. There’s just a bunch of sick rollers And, um, potentially a little like manual line or maybe a little double line Maybe we could find a couple s berms or something and yeah just poppin’ around, having a good time So ridiculous like It’s hard packed, it’s good to ride, it’s […]

4×4 Recovery Goes Seriously Wrong

>You good to go? Now the station owner, he’d asked us to explore some new fishing spots on the coast. There was just Simon, myself, and Al the cameraman, and we were about 6 hours drive from the nearest help. We’d set up camp on the edge of these tidal pans and scouted the area […]

CUBE Reaction C:62

The frame of the lightweight, tough and responsive Reaction C:62 is constructed from high-performance C:62 carbon. Short chain stays and Boost thru axle at the rear work together with the Agile Ride Geometry to deliver impressive handling. An integrated headset and PressFit bottom bracket save precious grammes. Slender seat stays and the narrow 27.2mm seat […]

CUBE Reaction Hybrid

The Reaction Hybrid 29 blends the agility, easy handling and ruggedness of our hardtails with the power of the Bosch drive unit. The innovative Modular Battery System completely encloses the Bosch power unit in the redesigned gravity cast down tube under an easily accessed cover. It frees up enough space for a bottle cage mount […]

CUBE Litening

The Litening marks a turning point in the construction of aero bikes. Extensive testing and refining of the frame’s design culminated in a 30% reduction in drag. The fork, stem, handlebars and seatpost are all cleanly integrated into the UCI-compliant chassis design to deliver the ultimate in aero gains. Even the integrated headset features an […]