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Downhill enduro bike race in Spain – Red Bull Holy Bike 2014

♪ (music) ♪ La Pinilla looks like a great mountain resort. There are many trails, you know, the pine trees smell good and it’s really nice. I know Red Bull put lots of work into this project, and now it looks even better, like a real bike park. ♪ (music builds) ♪ Red Bull Holy […]


you might have seen it already hey guys what’s up, that’s how we start usually you have might noticed now that I am on my free coaster hub again and we are doing Slopestyle free coaster challenges on my Slopestyle free coaster bike a free coaster hub is a hub where you don’t have to […]

The Evolution of the Biggest Trick in Mountain Biking

Go. Two, three, four. [LAUGHS] Yeah, I don’t know how he’s doing it. This is slope style mountain biking.The Freestyle side of the sport that has pushed the creativity,and the technicality of mountain bike tricks,so far since the first competition, less than two decades ago.[UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] Trick variations and combinations have become ever more […]

Track Cycling in Denmark – Red Bull Mini Drome 2013

The market has grown a lot since the smaller bike shops and bigger markets started selling the fixie bikes. To me it’s “just” a bike that’s a little different compared to the normal bikes. They are a bit more fun to ride. You get that – that special feeling off riding a track bike. There […]

Bell Super DH helmet – THE RIDE’s first look!

– Hi, It’s M from THE RIDE. It’s time to take a look at the new Bell Super DH helmet. (funky guitar playing) Hey, thanks for watching and welcome to the garage. Yes, Bell have done it. They’ve developed a fully down-hill certified convertible helmet. That meets the ASTM 1952 DH safety standard. Now, to […]


My girlfriend Mackenzie worked at Starbucks and she really hates my going and asked for just water but Mackenzie’s gone for two whole weeks and Mackenzie, if you’re watching this just know that every single day I’m gonna go to Starbucks and I’m gonna get free water see now today it’s very important that I […]


Do it it just feels like a curve on this thing Wasn’t able to film yesterday because I went out and rode my bike with my boy ROG and We plan on running a lot more and I planned on going after that and riding some more maybe at scooters on or something But my […]