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Road to Rhodes | Episode 4 | THE NEXT STEP²

He crashes straight into the side of the car and is thrown two-three meters up in the air. The only thing that remains are two bolts in his kneecap which he hopefully will get to remove as soon as he gets back home. I still live at home together with my parents, but I´m thinking […]

The Long Way Back | Episode 1 | THE NEXT STEP²

I have tried to forget about it when I drive past here, but it is special to be here again. Syver Wærsted! Syver Wærsted, from Uno-X! It’s cool and motivating to have it hanging on the wall and is the first thing you see in the morning. It may be the greatest moment of my […]

How To Improve Your Confidence After A Crash | GCN’s Cycling Tips

– Confidence building is big industry. There’s like a gazillion self-help books on the subject, many of which probably don’t quite live up to their promise. – Fortunately, while there is no doubt a psychological aspect to cycling, it is a little bit simpler to build your confidence out on the bike. So, if you’re […]

Avalanche Escape – Julien Lopez – Extreme Skier

I was lucky, Unlike too many of my friends In the mointains to be equipped with an ARVA (beacon), a shovel & air bag seems to be the minimum To have friends that are trained and prepared to get you out in under 15 mins is indispensable Inspite of that the statistics are there And […]


[Helmet Cam Kid] What happened? 2x [Blue Shirt] I couldn’t stop [Blue Shirt] I hit the work bench [ROFLing while talking] Wait did you *inaudible* into the thing? Ha Ha [Blue Shirt] I — uh a hit the key and it turned off. [Uhahuh] Hwait you ,you hit dat? [Blue Shirt] No I almost did […]