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Honda XR 125L vs Dirt-Bike 250cc (off-Road)

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The Motherload of Spin – ISpinUWin #1 – Lotus Exige View

I thought it would be fun to compile all of the in-car video of track spins or saves that my wife or I have been a part of or witnessed from 2003-2012 (mostly from 2008+ in our ’08 Lotus Exige-S 240). Update 2015: Also see ISpinUwin#2 — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tmr3RXC2Lmg Additional comments: If you have yet to […]

Gonzalez and Gonzalez teach bike safety

It’s very strong Very, very strong. Very, very very Hello, call me Gonzalez. My name is Gonzalez as well. No! No! No! Maybe if you have a… Oh no! What happened? There is something not good. What? Oh no! Accident! Hospital! Wooo wooo! Oh no! Accident! Hospital! Wooo wooo! Hurts, it hurts me. Ah doctor, […]

How Safe Are Fixed Gear Bikes On City Streets? | GCN Show Ep. 326

– Welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by Wiggle. – Hopefully my sign language is slightly better than my pronunciations, otherwise I’ve no idea what I’ve just said. But anyway, thank you, Kern, for your introduction. Coming up this week, are brakeless, fixed-gear bikes safe on city streets? Hank and Chris try and […]

What To Carry In A MTB First Aid Kit

– Mountain biking, like all sports, has its risks. Now, you could be pinning it down a trail at speed, navigating through some techy rock areas, or even just trying to get your bike out the car. Accidents can happen, so it’s really important for you to be prepared, and have a handy first aid […]

Koroyd Helmet Safety Initiative

True innovation, New technologies, new materials. It brings us further day after day our bikes are more technologically advanced and aerodynamic than ever before. We’ve never pushed harder or gone faster but what about your first line of defense? Is your helmet today protecting any better than 20 years ago? One accident can have life-changing […]

Aero Helmets, Sweet Spot Training & Road Dogs | Ask GCN Anything

– It’s Ask GCN Anything, a fairly self-explanatory title, but if you’ve never watched one before, this is your chance to ask us your cycling related questions, and we’ll do our best to give some kind of expert answer. Two ways to ask those questions: firstly on social media, using the hashtag #torqueback, or you […]