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How good is the Open gravel bike as a Road bike?

I need to check my audio recorder next time. Anyway can you use the Open as a road bike? In my opinion for sure no problem at all. I’m currently using it as my only bike for both gravel and road and if you seen my tubeless mishap video you know that I’m now running […]

Bike Setup Tips For Smaller Cyclists | Emma’s Bike Fit Guide

(soft music) – I get so many questions from viewers who, like me, are a little bit smaller in stature, asking for advice on how to set up your bikes. In fact, there’s so many questions that I don’t have time to answer them all in the comments and by email. So I hope this […]

700c to 29er Wheel Conversion – DIY Gravel Bike Update

– Hey viewers, it’s been about five years since I built this gravel bike. I made a whole series of videos on that build, so go check those out, but it’s time for an update. When I built this bike, I built it with Cyclocross wheels and tires, but I want fatter tires now. So, […]

Smaller Wheels, More Fun? 650B VS 700C

(energetic rock music) – Our mates over at Zipp have just lent us these rather cool bikes, so that we can check out their new 303 Disc Tubeless Firecrest wheels which are available– – In a smaller size, 650B. Now if you are a road rider, you probably haven’t ever had to think very much […]

650B Vs. 700C: The Geek Edition | GCN Tech Does Science

– We’ve just released a video over on GCN where Dan and I finally get to check out this new trend of using smaller 650b wheels but fitted with bigger, fatter tyres. Now, there is a lot in that video. But then we also had to leave quite a lot out as well, not least […]