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The GMBN Power Hour! How Much Fun Can You Have On An MTB In An Hour?

– We’re at Windhill B1kepark and this is a GMBN Power Hour featuring this man Blake Samson. (Blake chuckling) You’ve got one hour to show us what you got. We’ve got the proline with big drop-offs, massive jumps. – Loads of jumps over here. – Loads of trials, berms, – And all that. – Alright […]

8 Essential Tools You Need To Fix Your Mountain Bike | MTB Maintenance

– I’m up here in the GMBM workshop. And as you can probably see there is no bike with me. It’s Maintenance Monday and I’m gonna be discussing what tools you should have as a home mechanic to build a little toolbox for yourself. (upbeat music) Right, first off, and this one is an essential […]

How To Avoid MTB Punctures! | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Alright, it’s time for Ask GMBN. So, leave us your questions in the comment section down below. Or use the hashtag #ASKGMBN. Ask us anything really. – Anything, we’ll try and answer them. – Well, mainly mountain bike related questions. – Yeah. – We’ll try our best with those. Right, so let’s kick it […]

How To Ride Corners FAST | Mountain Bike Skills

– Riding corners fast on a mountain bike can be quite hard, a little bit risky, but it is a lot of fun when you know them. This is how to ride corners fast. (upbeat music) The conditions you ride in, like today, it’s rainin’, and also the dirt is actually make a big difference […]

How A Mountain Bike Tyre Is Made | GMBN Visits The Continental Factory

(van starts) – So today is a really exciting day. I’m here in Korbach, in Germany, at the Continental Headquarters, to take a look at how a tyre is made. (light airy music) So today we’re going to take a look at building a tyre from start to finish. It’s something that I’ve got no […]

Neil Races The Sea Otter E-Bike Mountain Bike Race

– Today is a very special day for me! I’ve been a Downhill Mountain Bike racer, an Enduro racer. But today, I’m an E-Mountain Bike racer! For one day only, I’m a Factory Giant E-Mountain Bike racer. (groovy electronic music) So, this is the bike I’ll be riding my first E-Mountain Bike race on. It’s […]

Martin Soderstrom’s Specialized P3 Dirt Jump Bike | GMBN Pro Bikes

– This is Martin Soderstrom’s pro bike check, on a specialised P3 dirt jump bike / slope style bike. (drum beat) (upbeat electronic beat) First up, the front end is running a Rockshox DJ Pike fork, pumped up to the max. Bit like myself, doesn’t really want that soggy front end, he just needs it […]

8 Beginner Dirt Jump Tricks To Master | Mountain Bike Skills

– Turnbar. ET. One Foot. One Hand. Table. X Up. No Foot. One Hand One Foot. Maybe a bonus. So those are my eight favourite tricks to do, to learn as well. It can be done anywhere: on the trail, at dirt jumps at the skatepark, wherever. Wherever you can get air, you can do […]

How To Get Faster Every Time You Ride Your MTB | Mountain Bike Skills

– When it comes to gettin’ better on the bike, there really is no replacement for gettin’ out and riding as often as you can. But here are a few other things to think about as you’re tryin’ to improve, every time you ride. (intense music) – Pushing yourself. If you’re not constantly pushing yourself […]