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Can Your Bike Be Too Good For You? | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 13

– Hello and welcome to the GCN Tech Show. (electronic wooshing) This week we are asking the question, can a bike be too good for it’s rider? Some interesting answers to that one for sure. We have a load of great new tech of course, including stuff from SOM and Officina Battaglin among others, and […]

How good is the Open gravel bike as a Road bike?

I need to check my audio recorder next time. Anyway can you use the Open as a road bike? In my opinion for sure no problem at all. I’m currently using it as my only bike for both gravel and road and if you seen my tubeless mishap video you know that I’m now running […]

Bike Setup Tips For Smaller Cyclists | Emma’s Bike Fit Guide

(soft music) – I get so many questions from viewers who, like me, are a little bit smaller in stature, asking for advice on how to set up your bikes. In fact, there’s so many questions that I don’t have time to answer them all in the comments and by email. So I hope this […]

29 Vs 27.5 Mountain Bike Wheels | What Do The Pros Think?

Fort William World Cup and one of the big issues this weekend is 29 inch wheels. There’s like 10 pro bikes here with this new prototype bike that’s got 29 inch wheels and it could be a big advantage on a track like this at Fort William. So we’re gonna take a look around the […]

MTB Wheel Size Experiment | 29er Front & 27.5+ Rear Geek Edition

– This is the tech follow-up of the GMB video where I actually tried a bigger wheel in my Scott Genius where I ran a 29 up front and 27.5 plus in the rear. If you’ve not seen that video already, I would check that out before you watch this. But also, I’ve done a […]

New Bike Day! | Neil’s Brand New Nukeproof Mega 275 Carbon MTB

– I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of new bikes in my time, but new bike day’s still pretty excitin’. I still love boltin’ together a brand new bike. It’s a really cool thing to do, and the anticipation of actually what the bike is gonna ride like for the first time just […]