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Can We Run At World Record Pace? | The GTN Show Ep. 132

– This is the GTN Show brought to you by AMP Human and this week, we’re going to be attempting to run at world record pace. – Watch out. – And we have yet another carbon plate running shoe to join the arms race. And honestly after this week we will stop talking about carbon […]

How To Run A Sub 90 Half Marathon | Run Training & Tips

– Completing a half-marathon in any time is obviously a huge achievement but being able to say that you did it under the illusive one hour 30 or the 90 minute mark is pretty special. Now let’s be clear, that is a very quick time but whilst we’re out here in Fuerteventura enjoying ourselves at […]

How To Improve Your Running Vo2 Max | Triathlon Training Explained

(digital electronic whizzing) – Welcome to “Triathlon Training Explained”, we’ve gone into the how to find your VO2 max in a recent video, so now you know how to get your numbers, how do you go about improving them? – Yeah, now part of having a high VO2 max comes down to genetics, but you’ll […]

Trail Running. My First 10k Kharghar Hill Trail Run

This is going to be my first 10k run and that also in the hills Yoo Hoo *Howling wind* It’s beautiful *inaudible* this is the whole of Kharghar Hill trail near my hometown where I can reach by walking for about 20 min beautiful place, almost nobody comes here this is a dry little seasonal […]

Peloton Tread — is it worth it?

– He knows I don’t have a treat, so he’s not gonna listen. Come on, fist bump, Mattie. Mattie, everybody’s watching, and this is super embarrassing. Can we paw? (lighthearted dance music) That’s not, you’re not doing it. Today, we’re in my gym. Yes, I know, it’s probably shocking to a lot of you, the […]