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Garmin Edge 530 Mountain Bike GPS Test | MTBT

hello everyone in this video I will make you see only some of the numerous functionality of the gamin Edge 530 during a journey. To do this, however, I will have to create a track on STRAVA clicking on the dashboard menu, select MyRoute and create a new one drawing it click after click you […]

A-Line Air Time Jump Challenge | Blake Samson Vs Greg Callaghan Vs Zak Johansen

– Welcome back you beautiful people. I’m surrounded by two rad dudes. We’ve got Zak Johansen and we’ve got Greg Callaghan, part of the CUBE ActionTeam. And we’ve got a special game of A-line, air challenge, you ready? – Hell yeah. – Let’s go. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) – Ooh my God! – Yeah! (upbeat […]