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New Wilier Zero SLR | Lightweight Aero Bike First Look

– We have got a very exciting first look for you here today. This is the brand new Wilier Zero SLR. (upbeat electronic music) Now, Wilier is one of the most historic and recognizable bike brands in the world. This is its first super lightweight bike with disc brakes and fully concealed cables. In case […]

The GMBN Podcast Ep. 9 | How Has Mountain Biking Changed?| GMBN Retro Week

– Right before the podcast starts, I’ve got an apology to make. Doddy’s microphone didn’t work in this, unfortunately. We didn’t realize, we recorded it, didn’t work. So Doddy’s going to sound a bit weird, not as good as himself on mic sound of course. His microphone isn’t working but you’ll get used to it […]

Choosing New Bike Parts & Components | Cheap Bike To Fixie Ep. 2

– Last week on Maintenance Monday. No not Gumtree, not Craigslist but Ebay. Peugeot Premier, fashionable fixie. It’s just a matter of time. I’ve been hunting around for a bargain, let’s take it apart. On the war wounds of the bike, the history behind it. Because it’s not quite as straightforward as you may think. […]