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6 Common E-Bike Jumping Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

(grunts) – We all know that feeling of flying down your local trail, flowing down it but then you see that jump in front of you so that time when the e-bike when the wheels come of the ground it can be pretty intimidating, specially if you got the wrong techniques. Today’s video we gonna […]

How To Corner | MTB Skills Coaching With Bike Build Winner Ivo!

(rustling) – So, this is Ivo, he won the Santa Cruz Bike Build bike over on GMBN Tech. Got himself on a bike yesterday, got the SAG set up roughly, so we’re going to go for a couple of laps now just get him set up on the bike. – Yeah, and I’ve joined the […]

7 Mountain Bike Rules That Should Be Broken

(laughing) – [Mountain Biker] Why do they make rules in mountain biking? Just doesn’t make mountain biking fun, does it? Well I’m gonna get these rules. I’m gonna smash them up, and these are my top rules that need to be broken. Let’s go! (music playing) Rules, rules, rules, rules. Yes, they’re there to keep […]