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Maxxis REKON 2.6 Quick Check – Compared with Ikon 2.35

Hey guys, with more and more 2.6 tires being available in the market these days here’s a quick check of the 2.6 Maxxis Rekon 29er. Pretty standard for Maxxis the details of the tire are provided on this label. First of all this is made in Taiwan just like all their other tires. These key […]

Gravel Bikes Exist Because Mountain Biking Is Now Boring

– What on earth is a gravel bike? Nobody really knows, do they? Although we think we might, because we’ve got a theory on this. – We do. A gravel bike is a modern retro mountain bike, only better. And to prove this, we’re going to put our theory to the test. Before we do […]

How to assemble a survival tool kit for your bike.

Anybody who has ever had a mechanical failure on the trail knows the importance of carrying the right tools. We’re going to show you some simple things you can do to make sure that you don’t get stuck. Getting a flat on the trail is inevitable. For that reason it is a good idea to […]

Giant Trance 29er 2019 – First Look – Flow Mountain Bike

Ta dah! The shrouds have lifted and now we can all get a good look at Giant’s new Trance 29er. Now before we delve into the bike let’s deal with the elephant in the room and we’re talking about the fact that only a few years ago Giant said it was 275 Life – 29ers […]

How Are Custom Painted Mountain Bikes Made? | Orbea MyO From Start To Finish

– Mountain biking is an individual sport, and more than anything, that shows in the bikes we ride. Customizing your component choice is a start, but getting a fully custom paint job is going the full distance, and it’s getting more and more popular. Some brands even offer it straight from the factory. So we’re […]

Schwalbe ADDIX Speed Thunder Burt MTB Tire Quick Check 29×2.25

I’ve been using the Schwalbe Thunder Burt as a rear for the last couple of years Pacestar, SnakeSkin, and they served me well. They lasted okay, I ended up with at least one plug somewhere in the casing but I was able to drag them along the whole season. This year I couldn’t find Pacestar […]

Yana Belomoina’s American Eagle Atlanta | GMBN Tech Pro Bikes

– For this pro bike, we’re checking out Yana Belomoina’s American Eagle Atlanta 2.0. (slow music) Yana Belomoina races for the CST Sandd American Eagle Mountain Bike Race Team. Of course, that is a team was put together by Bart Brentjens, and he has a very special part to play in this particular frame. Now, […]