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The Effect Of Wheelsize On E-MTBs | E-Bike Wheelsize

– Getting a load of comments on the channel about what if you change the size of your wheels on your E-mountain bike? Well, it’s a very complex subject but today we’re going to look at the options and what effect it has on your geometry and handling of your bike. (upbeat electronic music) For […]

Making a CNC Rocker for Mountainbike from a billet. E7

I´m here at Jonathan Debus Fraestechnik that guy in the background is Jonny I know him since 2001 back in the days we where racing DH together. G: How old have you been that time? J: 13 or 14? He had a super cool self made bike frame with elastomer shocks. It was so cool. […]

I’m giving away my custom SPECIALIZED BIKE!

hey guys what’s up forgive me marry me again and today I’ve got something very very special for you gonna make this video in English as I said that I’m gonna make more and more videos in English six years will be for sure in German with English subtitles and I’m also gonna add German […]

MTB Wheel Size Experiment | 29er Front & 27.5+ Rear Geek Edition

– This is the tech follow-up of the GMB video where I actually tried a bigger wheel in my Scott Genius where I ran a 29 up front and 27.5 plus in the rear. If you’ve not seen that video already, I would check that out before you watch this. But also, I’ve done a […]

Comparing Wheels Sizes | 27.5″ vs 29″ Hardtails

– Right, listen, today we’ve got a pair of Hardtail E-bikes, and they’re almost identical apart from one thing, and that is the wheel size. One is 27.5 and the other is 29, and the thing with Hardtails is, for most brands, at least, it can be the least expensive bikes in the range. So […]

Walmart Mountain Bike Iron Horse 29″ Sinister Review

this is a quick review for the iron horse sinister twenty nine digit number in my first mountain biking for beginners video i mention that bites in the big box stores are not made for offered to use and they all have warning stickers informing you of this recently i was informed that walmart sturdy […]