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Bike Talk – Loris Vergier about his Santa Cruz 29er | SHIMANO

Hi, this is my new beast… …a brand new Santa Cruz 29er. We’ve tried to adapt it to fit big wheels. We’ve changed the angle a little bit. It has a full Shimano set up. We have 203mm disc brake rotors… …to try to slow the beast. And a Saint transmission. We’ve tried to adapt […]

We Develop a Bike Frame / E2 // TECH SPECS

Cheers, here we are again, nice you are watching. If you saw the KICK OFF Video You´ll know we talked a lot about Kinematics, as that`s the subject we care about most. But today we would like to introduce you to the specs that we want to build the frame around. Let us introduce you […]

We Develop a Bike Frame / E9 // Tubing

Today I want to talk about tubes for our project bike. Sourcing tubes in Germany on a low scale is very difficult. They are no butted or hydroformed tubes available. That´s why we have to work with standard tubes which look like that. One wall thickness throughout the whole tube. At the ends you need […]

The Effect Of Wheelsize On E-MTBs | E-Bike Wheelsize

– Getting a load of comments on the channel about what if you change the size of your wheels on your E-mountain bike? Well, it’s a very complex subject but today we’re going to look at the options and what effect it has on your geometry and handling of your bike. (upbeat electronic music) For […]

Making a CNC Rocker for Mountainbike from a billet. E7

I´m here at Jonathan Debus Fraestechnik that guy in the background is Jonny I know him since 2001 back in the days we where racing DH together. G: How old have you been that time? J: 13 or 14? He had a super cool self made bike frame with elastomer shocks. It was so cool. […]