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This is MTB Himalaya : Weathering the Storm

Out here in India when you’re out on those different courses and stages you’re really on your own. You need to be prepared. Staying hydrated, carrying enough supplies that you think you’re gonna need. Whether or not you want to DNF or not, you’re probably gonna have to go the full distance because you’re in […]

This is MTB Himalaya : The Battle Begins

On the count of 3, 2, 1 Go The first day, the Prologue was just 27km. We just rode from Shimla to our first camp. Set up, had the night there and this was like a reunion for people in the last couple years ’cause we all got to hang out again. I always have […]

This is MTB Himalaya : Journey to Shimla

Oh f*$# $%&*! How you doin’ man? Good, you? Good good. On to the next one. The first leg from Atlanta to Newark was like the drumlet of the chicken and then now we’re on to like the drumstick of the chicken or maybe more like a turkey drumstick because this next flight’s gonna be […]

Are Mullet Bikes Faster? | Is Mixed Wheel Size Better For MTB?

– Welcome back you beautiful people. And today is an experimental day. Yes, we’re are going to get a lot of numbers. I’m going to go super technical for myself where I’m going to be switching out my 29 inch wheel on the rear to a 27.5, turning it into a mullet bike to find […]

This is MTB Himalaya : Trailer

Everywhere you look, so many bright vibrant colors. Temples, palaces, gates. The sights, the sounds, the flavors that you can’t get anywhere else. Absolutely spectacular. Coming out for my third time for this race. Six stages on the streets, to off-road to trails. Cutting through people’s backyards. Super steep. Super narrow. It’s a crazy event. […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike KTM Ultra Fire #7

Hey! Hey! Welcome! Another bike ride… …another season with MTB Cross Country Poland Today, we traditionally go around Szczecin we are passing the Binowo village we are heading towards Żelisławiec paved road see for yourself… Lovely… a few words about this bicycle season I will try to record films for you on an ongoing basis […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike KTM Ultra Fire #5

Hello all and I invite you for another ride today for a leisurely ride forest – “Puszcza Bukowa” air temperature felt plus do not forget to leave the subscription, likes and comments under the film and press the “bell” who ran it? how nice she ran… what was that ? i think Roe oh please! […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike KTM Ultra Fire #2

Hello today is another bike ride we ride a bike through the Forest (Puszcza Bukowa) 43 miles some water… …for refreshment good leaves are sometimes… treacherous because beneath them can be a deep pit that’s why you have to be careful above all, it is necessary to ride a bicycle helmet in such conditions a […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike KTM Ultra Fire #8

There was a slight modification of the MTB route… we will go a little differently… so we leave the marathon alone it’s all for today thanks! for a ride with me traditionally “Subscribe” to this channel, leave “Like” and “Comment” under my videos drivers of trucks driving in the background are also invited to Subscribe! […]

MTB Cross Country Szczecin | Mountain Bike KTM Ultra Fire #1

Welcome on my first bicycle blog “We’ll play” a bit in MTB 😉 Today we go by bicycle to Szczecin Landscape Park “Puszcza Bukowa” We are currently in Szczecin we will see how it will go today, test a new sports camera GoPro HERO 7 Black Nice autumn weather… Temperature above 10 degrees Celsius and […]