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Ruhrtalradweg: Mit dem E-Bike von Hagen nach Duisburg | WDR Reisen

It’s beautiful in the valley of the Ruhr. So much green. So much water. We ride on the Ruhr Valley cycle path through a varied nature. We experience a lot of sports and in many places also a piece Ruhr area history. The Ruhr Valley Cycle Path has received many awards. We’re going the second […]

Team CCC Truck Tour | Behind The Scenes At The Tour de France 2019

(electronic music) – I’m at the Tour de France and I’m excited because our mates at Cadex have helped get us a behind the scenes look inside the CCC team mechanics truck. So, we’re going to go inside and have a look, but before I do and show you all the cool stuff that’s in […]

New Cadex First Look | Hot Tour de France Tech

– It’s the 2019 Tour de France and I’m in Brussels for the Grand Depart. It’s a hive of activity here, there’s loads going on. One of the most exciting things is the launch of a brand new components brand called Cadex. Now, while at the Grand Depart, Cadex invited us down to the launch […]

YouTube Sensation Danny MacAskill | Martyn Ashton’s Random Tandem Ep. 2

– Danny! (drum roll) – Oh yeah I’m ready. Oh yes. Oh I’m impressed. Oh my God that was really good. – There’s Fort William, World Cup Downhill track. – [Both Bikers] Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. – [Martyn Narrating] My name is Martyn Ashton and I’m a paralyzed mountain biker. It’s crazy but despite that disability […]

The Best New & Custom Tech Of The Tour de France 2019

– As I record this, we are on the eve of the Tour de France which is of course the biggest bike race in the world. And as such, for the last few days, myself and Oli have been going geering the teams in search of the best, the newest and the most custom tech. […]

Hottest New Tech From Eurobike 2019!

– Myself and Jon are here at Eurobike in Germany. The world’s biggest bike exhibition and trade show, on the hunt for hot, new tech. – Ollie, what are you wearing? (record scratching) – This is what everyone wears in Germany, Jon. – No, they don’t! – Lederhosen, socks, sandals, you’re part of my cunning […]

2019 Subaru WRX – Enabling & Disabling the Hill Start Assist System

The Subaru WRX comes standard with Hill Start Assist, which makes it easier to start from a stop, while the vehicle is facing uphill. To activate the Hill Start Assist system, make sure your car is parked on a flat, level surface with the parking brake on. Turn the vehicle off and restart the ignition. […]