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Forbidden DRUID: High Pivot with Idler Suspension Design REVIEW

Despite the inability for most of us to hit the trails with our mates, given the current world situation, some might still be in the market for a new mid-travel bike of which the Forbidden Druid is a worthy contender. This high-end, low-volume bike brand named after the Forbidden Plateau in Cumberland, BC features a […]

FIRST TIME Back on the KAYAK since Last SUMMER And…

hey guys so this video is going to be all the random clips and videos that I did not use from the past week or so if I don’t do this all the clips will sit on my laptop for the next month or so and my OS TV will make me hate live so […]

The Closest Tour de France In Decades? | The Cycling Race News Show

Welcome to the GCN Racing News Show. Coming up this week, we analyse an enthralling 2nd week of the Tour de France which has left us no clearer as to who the final winner will be in Paris. We’ve also got La Course by Le Tour de France, and some potentially big news for women’s […]

The Weirdest Rules Of The Tour de France | GCN Show Ep. 340

– Welcome to the GCN show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we’ve got a jam packed show including weird and wonderful rules of the Tour de France, weird and not wonderful hotels of the Tour de France, and the finalist for our Orbea Orca Aero giveaway. – Plus, the truth about what […]

Behind The Scenes With Vincenzo Nibali | A Day At The Giro d’Italia

(electronic music) – [Voiceover] Time trials, the shortest stages but the longest days. Today’s race against the clock is just twelve minutes of pain but a whole day of preparation, planning and waiting. – We’ve been given behind the scenes access by Bahrain-Merida to follow the team and their star rider Vincenzo Nibali as he […]

He Caught a OLD Fishing Pole with a FISH STILL ON IT!!

what is up guys and welcome back to another video so today I’m on a mission today it was like 33 mile-per-hour winds I think it’s like 25 mile-per-hour winds right now it’s pretty freakin bad it’s so windy but today I want to do a catch and cook video but today I want to […]

Track Day Circuit Academia Titi Aur & FunRide

Track Day ATA Calea Victoriei – Bucuresti. Palatul Cantacuzino Casa Memoriala Geroge Enescu Bd. Libertatii – Casa Poporului Academia Titi Aur – Dambovita S1000RR & Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Fishing Challenge: FIRST Person to Catch 10 KEEPERS WINS!!!

in the bad guys you got one I think I got one too oh yeah I mean Devon just got doubles I think my cell wall I got one too feels big oh great you called him already haven’t you did you got here wow I just went and picked up two dozen minnows and […]