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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – Bikers Attack The Rig (4/10) [4K]

It’s all here! Three thousand gallons of Guzzoline, just like you asked! I’m gonna unhinge the pod! Drop the rocks! You said: “a few vehicles in pursuit, maybe”. We count three war parties! Yeah, well i got unlucky. Let’s do this! Fool!!! That’s our fuel!

Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop – BTS

uh Am I looking forward to this to be honest when I when I realized that this got the green light and that Sony’s behind it. I had intense anxiety for two days straight. I Couldn’t stop thinking about it. Is it real will it really work? I have no [idea] what to expect on […]

Tyre slime MTB bike tyre / tire update April 2015

Hi guys Handyclips @ YouTube here just a quick update on the tyre slime Since the tyre slime has been in my tires Thorns have gone into the tyre You can probably just work out that when you pull the thorn out of the tire with the tyre slime inserted inside the tube That basically […]