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The New Breed Of E Bikes: In The Workshop And On The Trail

E-Mountain bikes are changing and you don’t have to look too far back to these designs are pretty clunky With motors of batteries literally chucked onto a normal mountain bike but now we’re seeing ground up designs that much more integrated the driving Force literally behind that a smaller more compact motor systems like this […]

Is Electronic Shifting The Future Of MTB? Neil Checks Out Shimano Di2

Innovation has been constant in the relatively short history of mountain biking. In the last few years, we’ve seen the emergence of electronic gears. But let’s take a look at the Shimano Di2 to see what it’s all about. (fast-paced electronic music) So what are the main differences between your average mechanical gears and these […]

Shimano 1x vs 2x | Which Drive Train Is Better For Mountain Biking?

– The last few years have the seen the emergence of 1x drivetrains. Many riders have ditched their front mech, and now rely on just one single chainring and a wide-ratio cassette. – But, there is still room for that 2x drivetrain, and in this video, we’re gonna take a look at 1x versus 2x. […]

Electronic Vs Mechanical MTB Shifting

– Right now our partner Shimano is the only brand that has an electronic mounted bike transmission available to buy. And by trickling down that technology from the top level X tier to XT makes it more affordable and a better prospect for many riders. But how does it compare to the good old mechanical […]