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Is It Time To Ban Triathlon Bikes? | The GTN Show Ep. 131

– This is the GTN Show, brought to you by Amp Human. Welcome. After a lot of recent hype around a certain running shoe I’ve got a different question to ask you. Do you think triathlon bikes should be banned? Well to help me answer that question I’m going to be enlisting the help of […]

Flora Duffy Qualifies For 70.3 Worlds! | The GTN Show Ep. 129

– Welcome to the GTN show brought to you by, Amp human and this week Heather and Fraser have foolishly given me the reins with the show was there filming more content and more videos for you guys. But one rule they did give me was to not matter on about tech or new tech […]

Why Is Indoor Cycling So Hard? | Triathlon Training Explained

(upbeat energetic music) – Welcome back to the Triathlon Training Explained show, powered by TrainingPeaks, now if from time to time you are riding indoors, perhaps on a Turbo Trainer as I am today, then you will have quite likely at some point complained that it feels somewhat hard, or maybe considerably harder than when […]

5 Tips For Your First Triathlon! | Things You Need To Know

– Racing your first triathlon can be both an exciting and daunting experience. There can appear to be a never ending list of things that you need to know about simply to tour the start line and get yourself going. And whether that is the case or not you need to be so phased that […]

Brownlee Commits To Kona & Tokyo Olympics! | The GTN Show Ep. 127

– Welcome to The GTN Show. Now, this week we have got news on arguably the best-known triathlete of all-time, finally announcing their racing intentions for the coming season. And we also spotted another very recognizable cyclist being, well, interviewed by a tri-industry icon. – Plus, we’re going to be sharing with you some exciting […]

Trouble Breathing Whilst Swimming? | Ask GTN Anything About Swimming

Recently we have made several in-depth swimming videos, breaking down the front crawl stroke as well as looking at some of the others. Well as a result of those, we’ve had some specific questions coming in on the bottom of our video, so I thought I’d take the chance today to answer those in more […]

The Top 5 Fastest Ironman Races Revealed | The GTN Show Ep. 121

– Welcome back to the GTN show and this is a big week in the world of GTN because we have not one, but two versus videos coming for you. – We do indeed. We’ve got a versus between swimming and running where we’ll see which one burns the most calories. We also have a […]

The Essential Triathlon Christmas List | Triathlete Xmas Wish List 2019

– Ah, merry Christmas, Fraser. – And happy Christmas to you too, Mark. – Now, we thought we could celebrate Christmas a little early here at GTN. So, here is a little stocking for you, Fraser. – Well, luckily I was on the same page, there’s your present too. So, now we’re ready to get […]