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Is 3D Printing The Future Of Triathlon? | Custom Tri Bike Kit

– Now, earlier this year, you may well remember that I competed in the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon. Now, personally I knew this was going to be a pretty epic day out, given that it is one of the toughest events in the world, and you definitely want to see it and see me suffering. So […]

Why Is Indoor Cycling So Hard? | Triathlon Training Explained

(upbeat energetic music) – Welcome back to the Triathlon Training Explained show, powered by TrainingPeaks, now if from time to time you are riding indoors, perhaps on a Turbo Trainer as I am today, then you will have quite likely at some point complained that it feels somewhat hard, or maybe considerably harder than when […]

5 Climbing Tips For Your Next Hilly Triathlon

– A challenging course profile can be a big talking point going into your next race. But if you train for it properly, a nice hilly course can be to your advantage. – Yeah, you’ll find most races will give you the course profile before, so you know how much climbing you’ve got and at […]

Disc Wheel Vs Deep Section | Which Wheel Should You Race With?

– Choosing the right wheels for race day can be so tricky and rightly so because they can have a huge affect on your performance. – Yeah, it is always a question of balancing the aerodynamic advantages of a deeper wheel, against the slightly lighter weight and potentially even the greater stability of a shallower […]

How To Climb On A Triathlon Bike Like A Pro

(computer noises`) This super aero triathlon bike is built for speed on the flat. But at some point, you will have to climb on it during a race. Now, the geometry is very different on a bike like this compared to a road bike, with position further forward with our weight over the front end. […]

How To Change Pedals | Remove And Install Your Bike Pedals

– Replacing, swapping to another bike or even travelling with your bike are the main reasons that you need to remove your pedals. But, how do you take them off and replace them? Well, depending on they type of pedals that you have, you’ll either need a specific pedal wrench or spanner as we like […]

Aero Vs. Road Helmet | Which Is The Best Bike Helmet For Triathlon?

– An aero helmet is obviously designed for aero gains, but how much of an advantage do you actually get from using an aero helmet over using a road helmet? Well, in a wind tunnel this is gonna win hands down. But in reality there are so many factors to consider when you’re choosing what […]

What Is A Triathlon Bike?

(upbeat pop music) – Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love looking at a triathlon bike, or at least dreaming about one? ‘Cause, well they look pretty cool, don’t they? Now these bikes come with a whole host of beneficial features, compared to a regular road bike. And today, I’m gonna walk through the benefits of […]

Kimberley Morrison’s Scott Plasma 5 Triathlon Bike

– Well, we’ve got a pretty exciting pro bike for you here today, ’cause this is the Scott Plasma of Kimberley Morrison who is absolutely renowned for her impressive biking, regularly out-biking and posting the fastest bike splits in the female pro races. And even actually out-biking Daniela Ryf in the past. But I’m really […]