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Time Trial Bike Vs Road Bike: What’s The Best Triathlon Bike For Descending?

(intense music) – Let’s be honest, TT bikes are aero machines. They’re designed for going fast on the flat, but they’re not really designed for descending. Now if you’ve had the chance to descend on one, you’ll note just how different it feels from descending on a road bike. But unfortunately, for us triathletes, a […]

Top 7 Bike Maintenance Hacks | Cycling Tips For Triathletes

– Triathlon requires a lot of care and with that it means a lot of maintenance and that’s before we even start on ourselves. But over the years I’ve learned a number of ways to make that maintenance just a little bit quicker, easier, and sometimes cheaper. So here are my top seven maintenance hacks. […]

How To Cycle Like A Pro | Cycling Tips For Triathletes

– When you watch the pros ride, they aren’t just strong. They ride smoothly and efficiently. So to be a pro triathlete, it isn’t just about being able to put out a load of power. – Yeah, I agree. It’s about being able to ride a bike well, and get the small things right. So […]

10 Ways To Avoid A Sore Ass When Cycling | Cycling Tips For Triathletes

– Saddle sores. Oh, I reckon a few of you might have squirmed just hearing those words. But, if you’ve never experienced one, you might be slightly baffled as to the complaints you hear from tri-athletes and cyclists. – Yeah, unfortunately I’ve actually experienced a couple over the years. And, I can vouge for their […]

Clipless Vs. Flat Pedals | Which Is Faster For Your Next Triathlon?

– For anyone starting out in cycling or triathlon, one of the first things you’re advised to buy for your bike is a pair of clipless pedals like these, and some cycling shoes. – Yeah so that you’re more powerful, you’re more comfortable and more efficient when you’re using pedals that you’re clipped into, as […]

7 Aero Hacks To Cycle Faster | Smash Your Next Triathlon Bike Leg

– [Narrator] Resistance is our biggest boundary when riding a bike so to make it so fast. We basically want cheat the wind and that’s where aerodynamics comes in. But to make ourselves more air on the surface that’s what’s in the bike. It doesn’t necessarily need to cost us anoma like he can do […]

5 Steps To The Ultimate Time Trial Bike Setup

(ambient tones) (upbeat music) – If you already own a TT or triathlon bike then you’re clearly thinking about your aerodynamics and keen to shave some time off your bike splits. But you shouldn’t just stop there. We have some tips and tricks to help you get that ultimate TT bike set up. (upbeat music) […]