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Joe Gambles Quintana Roo PRsix Disc Triathlon Bike

– Morning Joe. – Hi Frase, how you doing? – Ready to do the pro bike feature? – Perfect, that’s great. Glad you’re here ’cause, my bike actually it got a little bit dirty yesterday so, it might need a little bit of a clean before you talk about it ’cause you can’t actually tell […]

The Essential Triathlon Christmas List | Triathlete Xmas Wish List 2019

– Ah, merry Christmas, Fraser. – And happy Christmas to you too, Mark. – Now, we thought we could celebrate Christmas a little early here at GTN. So, here is a little stocking for you, Fraser. – Well, luckily I was on the same page, there’s your present too. So, now we’re ready to get […]

How To Increase Your Power On The Bike | 3 Bike Workouts To Make You Faster

– It’s the beginning of a new season so you’ve probably already started to look at your diary and plan those goals for the upcoming months. And now, as athletes, we naturally aspire to improve and get faster and faster year on year, but how exactly can we get faster? – Yes, finding more power […]

TT Or Road Bike For A Hilly Course? | Ask GTN Anything About Raceday

(vibrational effect) (whistling upbeat percussive music) – All right then guys. We have been receiving loads of super questions about all sorts of things so today we’re going to start answering some of them. – Yes, so much so we felt the need to sit down and tackle all these race day questions that you’ve […]