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Ironman World Champion Patrick Lange Vs GTN

(slow jazz) – Yeah even you got that one then! (laughing) That’s a good spot. Should we do best of three or three lot of shots? – Oh, yeah – Awww – Now it’s rolling. – [Fraser] Right, we are delighted to be here with Patrick Lange the day after Iron Man Frankfurt two time […]

6 Beginner Swimming Tips Every Triathlete Should Know

– Often one of the biggest barriers to getting started in triathlon is the swim. If your swimming is your weakest discipline, or you come from a non-swimming background, then tackling the swim in a triathlon can be quite daunting. And this probably sounds pretty familiar to a number of our viewers, which is why […]

Choosing A Women’s Bike Saddle | Which Bike Saddle For Triathlon?

– Bigger isn’t necessarily better and that certainly is true for choosing the right bike saddle. It is easy to think that the wider, the softer the saddle, the more comfortable it will be, but actually there’s far more to choosing the right saddle for you and I know that it does come down to […]

Nike Running Shoes Banned Forever!? | The GTN Show Ep. 130

– Welcome to the GTN Show brought to you by AMP Human and this week from the Playitas Resort in Fuerteventura is we’re getting a load of content for you guys out there. But we’ve got a lot of news this week, including, a pretty big announcement from GTN. What was it again, Heather? – […]

What Is Perfect Running Form? | Run Technique Tips For All Runners

– Okay, so how many of you watch the top runners on TV in absolute awe? Yep, they just glide over the ground and make it look nothing short of effortless, some may say they have the perfect run form, but what makes it so perfect, so effortless or so easy? Well today I’m going […]

Team Charles-Barclay Vs GTN | Zwift Head To Head Challenge

– Inside this fairly unassuming-looking building, we have a pretty big surprise for Lucy and Reece Charles-Barkley. (dramatic music) – Come on Luce, come on. – Keep going guys. – Given there wasn’t really any love lost after our last Tabayesco challenge on Lanzarote, we’ve managed to tempt Lucy and Reece into another head-to-head, but […]

5 Climbing Tips For Your Next Hilly Triathlon

– A challenging course profile can be a big talking point going into your next race. But if you train for it properly, a nice hilly course can be to your advantage. – Yeah, you’ll find most races will give you the course profile before, so you know how much climbing you’ve got and at […]

5 Tips For Your First Triathlon! | Things You Need To Know

– Racing your first triathlon can be both an exciting and daunting experience. There can appear to be a never ending list of things that you need to know about simply to tour the start line and get yourself going. And whether that is the case or not you need to be so phased that […]

Hill Climb Challenge | GTN Vs The Pros

– [Mark] For decades triathletes and cyclists have been flocking to the island of Lanzarote for its mild weather, its smooth roads, and its climbs. Arguably the most famous of them all is this one: Tabayesco. It’s just shy of 10 kilometers with an average gradient of 5% and an elevation gain of 607 meters. […]