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Cycling In Winter – Special Edition | Ask GCN Anything

(whoosh) – Hello and welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Yes, and this week it’s a winter special. So, for all of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is turning, so we’re gonna answer all those questions on winter riding. – We are. But don’t forget to use the hashtag #ASKGCNTRAINING and you’ll […]

How To Set Up A New Bike | Maintenance Monday

– I have just got my hands on this new Orbea Orca Aero. Yeah, believe me. I do know how lucky I am. But I thought I would talk you through the process of setting a new bike up to your own personal preferences. It’s not a regular everyday occurrence, I grant you, but you […]

Has Pro Cycling Training Changed? | GCN Asks The World Tour Coaches

– [James] Chris and I have been given access to speak to two of the best trainers at (speaks foreign language). And in this video, we are going to be diving deep into the details of how training has changed over the years. – Yeah, training has changed a lot. Where they used to train […]

Can Aero Road Bikes Climb? | New Cannondale SystemSix

(rock music) – Aero bikes can’t climb, apparently, but is that a fact, or is that just an enduring opinion based on the way that they’ve always been marketed? Or is it, in fact, due to the reason that pro cyclists haven’t seemed to have adopted them wholesale yet, and we always looks to see […]

Cycling Safety – How Much Is Our Responsibility? | The GCN Show Ep. 321

– From address, Chennai, India, the second longest beach in the world. Welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show, brought to you by Wiggle. – Coming up this week, should we as cyclists be taking more responsibility for our own safety? And we have another doping scandal in the sport. – […]

The GCN Cycle Courier Challenge

– Is the Tour de France, or the Olympics, really the ultimate test for bikes? We’re not so sure that they are. Instead, we think the ultimate test might actually be the city streets that we ride on a daily basis. So, with that in mind, what is the best type of bike for city […]