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How To True A Disc Brake Rotor On Your Bike

– There might be times where you’re getting a little bit of disc brake rotor rub and no matter how much tweaking of the brake calliper alignment you do, you just can’t get rid of it. Now if that is you, then look closely, because you actually might find that it has nothing to do […]

11 Things I Wish I’d Known About Zwift

(dramatic music) – There were so many amazing features on Zwift, are you sure you know the best ones? – Yeah, whether you’re new to Zwift or a seasoned veteran, here are 11 things you’d wished you’d known about Zwift. (upbeat music) – Zwift can seem like a pretty big place, so how do you […]

New Tech! SRAM Force eTap AXS – Detailed & Demoed

– When SRAM released their groundbreaking wireless eTap groupset in 2015, one of the first questions asked was, inevitably, when will the tech be available on their more affordable Force groupset? And then, when SRAM released their second generation eTap AXS groupset, inevitably, one of the first questions asked was, seriously, when is it coming […]

Should Disc Brakes Be Allowed? – GCN Asks The Pros

– Disc brakes have been a huge source of controversy and debate in the Pro Peloton and in cycling media. But what better place to get the actual opinion on whether or not they should be used in the race than the Pro Peloton, and what better place to ask the question than stage one […]

Can You Ride Aero Wheels In Crosswinds?

– Deep section wheels, they look bling, they make a cool swooshing noise but most importantly they offer a significant aerodynamic benefit over a standard shallow box section rim. But many people are worried about riding them in cross winds and for good reason. When they suddenly catch the wind and unexpectedly twist the handlebars […]

Alberto Contador’s Trek Emonda SLR | Tour de France 2017

(heavy music) – This is Alberto Contador’s brand new Trek Emonda. Now the previous Trek Emonda was just 690 grams for the frame, and this one, just released, is now 640 grams, and that’s for the same size frame as Alberto is riding here, which is a size 56. Now, Trek’s sell two different geometries […]

Behind The Scenes With Canyon//SRAM Racing At The Women’s Tour

– Canyon-SRAM is one of the most exciting names in women’s professional racing, and we’re super lucky to be joining them today as they prepare for one of the most important stage races on their calendar, the OVO Energy Women’s Tour here in the UK. From getting to know the riders, to their crucial support […]

Top 9 Bike Tech Innovations That Changed Cycling History

Speaker: Bikes have evolved constantly over the years and are almost unrecognizable from the velocipedes of the Victorian era. What are the bike paths that have had the biggest impact on cycling? What are the parts that have changed cycling for the better? In this video is our top list of the most important bike […]

New Shimano Ultegra Groupset | GCN’s First Ride

– New Shimano Ultegra looks great, has all the functionality of Dura-Ace on paper but how does it ride? (upbeat music) As I said in the first look video to me, one of the most significant changes to this new Ultegra groupset was in the ergonomics particularly of the hydralic levers. You can, of course, […]

Eurobike 2017: The Future Of Indoor Training? NEW Smart Trainers For 2018

– Just a few years ago, training on a bike indoors was horrible, basically. Was like watching paint dry with a lot of pain in your legs. Now though, it is entertaining, it is immersive, and dare I say it, almost enjoyable. Alright, it’s an industry which is booming and we’ve been heading around the […]