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Disc Brake Hacks For Road Bikes | Road Bike Maintenance

– Ah, disc brakes. The hardest to look after than rim brakes. Possibly just a little bit. But the main reason for that is because they are different to what most people are used to. But with the tips and the hacks which are coming up You should be well on your way. [Upbeat Music […]

7 Ways To Use Your Old Bicycle Inner Tubes

– Now many of us have plenty of these lying around. Old inner tubes. So wherever you put your stuff after you’ve finished your ride, often we just forget about it. So your garage, your shed, your workshop, who knows? So, what can we do with these? Well, other than re-patch them and use them […]

Save or Spend? Cycling Upgrade Hacks | Maintenance Monday

– Most of us upgrade or at least dream of upgrading our bikes. So, replacing individual parts for ones that perhaps work better, look better, or add new functionality. But not all upgrades represent good value. So, when moneys tight, this is where you think you should invest. It’s time for GCN’s, save or spend? […]

How To Carry Your Cycling Spares

– For all but the shortest bike rides, you’re gonna need to take some stuff with you. At the bare minimum, a mini-pump, a multi-tool, and an inner tube to help you fix any road-side mechanical problems. – Yeah and avoid having to walk home. Weirdly, though, how you choose to carry that stuff is […]

How To Make Your Bicycle Frame Look Like New

– So we’ve had loads of requests come in on how to get your bike’s paint work looking good again. So today we’re gonna do just that. It’s your pride and joy after all. By the time we’re done with it you’re gonna be the envy of all your riding mates at the caf’. It’s […]

How To Care For Your Bicycle Helmet

– Bike helmets do not last forever. If you look at the safety manual, or indeed, inside the box, you will see that you need to replace them in the event of an accident, or regardless, just every few years, which a lot of people do not do. People do not replace their bike helmets […]

6 Bike Repair Mistakes Every Cyclist Should Avoid

– I have lost count of the number of hours that I’ve wasted over the last 20 or so years I’ve been working on my bikes through time saving exercises that ended up becoming the most mind blowingly irritating jobs imaginable. Made all worse by the fact they were caused entirely by me and were […]

Tubeless Dos And Don’ts | How To Set Up Tubeless Tyres

– Road tubeless tires and wheels are becoming increasingly popular, but a number of people have had and continue to have problems with them. And it’s no surprise, really, is it? Because they look so similar, but yet significantly different enough from normal tires and tubes that it can actually then trip us up. So. […]