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The GCN Cycle Courier Challenge

– Is the Tour de France, or the Olympics, really the ultimate test for bikes? We’re not so sure that they are. Instead, we think the ultimate test might actually be the city streets that we ride on a daily basis. So, with that in mind, what is the best type of bike for city […]

Tech Extra: New Road Bike Tech At The 2017 Taipei Cycle Show

– The Taipei Cycle Show is one of the biggest events in the bike industry calendar. Everyone is here in some form or another and in fact, there’s as many meetings behind closed doors as there are in the exhibition hall. So what does that mean for us? Well, firstly, this is a great place […]

Bike Tech Overload | 2017 Taipei Cycle Show Day 2

(muted crowd noise) – Ah. Morning. (grunts) Tell you what, I should really have brought a sleeping bag. Clearly an amateur at this bike-packing malarkey. Right, day two at the Taipei Cycle Show. Need to find some breakfast and then, we’re gonna go look for some more awesome tech. (techno music) Just stopped by at […]

Race Winning Intervals Workout – Indoor Cycle Training

– Welcome to GCN’s Race Winning Intervals Indoor Training Session. Again, this one is a real brute, but will certainly get you in the right kind of shape and condition for when you’re out in the road, needing to make those big, maximal efforts, that will of course make a big difference. It’s a long […]

5 Keys To The Perfect Cycling City

(smooth jazz music) – [Narrator] The Danish capital of Copenhagen is widely regarded as the best city in the world for getting around by bike. 63% of its citizens use pedal power to get to work or school. But why is cycling so popular here? And what can other cities learn from Copenhagen? Coming up […]

Emma Pooley’s Custom Bond.Bike

– This is the Bond road bike of Emma Pooley. It’s a very special bike, firstly ’cause it’s just won a race. Secondly, it’s still got its race-winning mud on there. Thirdly, this is an aluminium bike, which is quite a rare thing on GCN Pro Bikes. And then, finally, Emma is actually here to […]

How To Build Your Own Bike Frame Part 1 | Maintenance Monday

– We’ve covered many, many different aspects of maintaining your bike here on GCN, but have you ever thought about actually making one? Now I don’t just mean assembling it together from all the different component parts. I mean actually welding or braising together your very own frame. Well, this is the Bicycle Academy in […]