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Worst Bicycle Maintenance Mistakes You Must Avoid! | GCN Tech’s Top 5

– Maintenance mistakes, now I’m pretty sure that most of us have made one or two along the journey of our cycling path, but here are five that you definitely need to avoid. (chill instrumental music) A worn out rear tire, just swap it over with the front, it’ll be alright. No, do not do […]

5 Hacks To Care For Your Cycling Sunglasses

– Cycling eyewear, in my opinion, is a vital piece of kit for riding. Not only do they help protect your eyes from UV rays, they also give you clearer vision, as you don’t have to squint looking into the sun. Or, in the case for some people out there, where it’s windy, raining, or […]

10 Pro Bike Setup Hacks | How To Make Your Bike More Pro

(logo swooshing) – A couple of weeks ago I got to give you a close look at my presenter bike. And in the time that I’ve owned the bike, I’ve made quite a few subtle changes to it so that it really suits me and my riding style. If you’ve ever wondered what pro setup […]

Bike Light Set Up Hacks | How To Mount Bicycle Lights

(hypnotic house music) – Since I first appeared on one of these bikes back in the summer with a Topeak light mounted underneath my Wahoo, I have received more messages than I could have possibly replied to asking what light it was and how exactly I’d attached it. Well, today I finally have time to […]

5 Maintenance Mistakes Even Experienced Cyclists Make

Now maintenance mistakes can strike even the most experienced cyclist perhaps They don’t know what they’re doing or maybe they haven’t even spotted them yet Now I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to ride with world Champions Olympic champions and even a Tour de France winner and some of these problems even plagued […]

5 Things To Take On Every Bike Ride | Hacks For A Trouble-Free Ride

(objects colliding) – Expect the unexpected. Okay, it’s a bit of a cheesy saying, but it’s one that I like to live by, and in this video we have five hacks for a trouble-free ride. They’re all pretty small and simple things that you can easily take with you, but could mean the difference between […]

5 Road Bike Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

– It’s maintenance Monday, and here are five maintenance mistakes that you should avoid. (deep percussive air whooshing) You see, riding a bike is great fun and it brings loads of satisfaction, loads of enjoyment, and a whole heap more superlatives. But, along with cycling comes maintenance, and many of us have definitely made a […]

Mid Winter Bike Check | Road Bike Maintenance Tips

– The winter is a harsh time to ride, and nothing will bear the brunt of the elements more than your bicycle. Follow this quick guide to keep your wheels spinning sweetly this winter. So now that we’re inside in the warm and dry, we’re going to take a little bit of time to run […]

5 More Hacks To Make Your Bike Even Faster

– Back again to help you go faster on your bike. Recently I gave you five hacks to make your bike just that little bit faster. And well, as ever, you lot got stuck into the comments and gave me some suggestions of your own. So here’s five more ways in which you can really […]

How To Setup Your Road Bike For Bad Roads Or Cobbles!

– So the Northern Classics are here upon us, and it’s probably my favorite time of the season. Actually, it is my favorite time of the season. But what makes these races so special are those cobbled sectors. And this is probably the only race in the calendar where pros make a huge difference in […]