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How To Wheelie On An Electric Mountain Bike | E Bike Skills

– When it comes to wheelieing your e bike, it can be pretty tricky, especially with all that power on top from eco to turbo, and that weight of the motor in the battery. Things can get pretty tricky, so today I’m going to teach you how to wheelie your e mountain bike. (mellow music) […]

Riding A Lift Accessed Bike Park For The First Time

– I’ve just arrived here in Verbier and I hear there’s an amazing bike park at the top of the mountain. So I’m going to hop in the chair lift, give you guys a load of tips on how to make your first bike park experience great. (upbeat music) So I’m super excited, I’ve just […]

How Can Cadence Help You Control Your E-Bike? | EMBN’s E-Bike Skills

– Now, your E-Bike motor is a super capable and powerful unit, and it can provide assistance for the nastiest climbs. That is, if you provide it with the correct cadence. So, today, we’re taking a look at cadence, and how it can affect your ride. (smooth rock music) – So, what actually is cadence? […]

How To Hire An E-Bike | Making The Most Of Rental On Your Holiday

– Traveling with an e-mountain bike is very difficult simply because you cannot take a battery on the plane. Which is where e-bike rental is a great alternative. More than that, it’s a good way of sampling this amazing sport. So today we’re in northern Italy to have a look at the options of e-bike […]

How To Avoid Pedal Strikes On Your E Bike

– A pedal strike on your trail ride can mean tears and it can certainly stop you in your tracks. There’s a lot of talk about pedal strikes when it comes to e-mountain bikes. It’s all about technique rather than fitting shorter cranks to your bike. So, today we’re going to be taking a look […]

Getting Started On Jumps | E Bike Skills

– A jump on your E-bike can definitely be a load of fun out in the trails, but if you’ve never jumped before, getting this first few inches of air under your tyres can be pretty scary, but fear not, today’s video we’ll be teaching you how to take those little baby steps. Get your […]

6 Basic Tips To Learn To Jump Your E-Bike | E Mountain Bike Skills

Jumping your e-mountain bike is one of the best feelings ever! And it’s something that I’ve been doing for quite a few years now. Sure, I’ve learned a few lessons along the way. Sometimes a hard way and I’ve definitely got the scars to prove all of that too, but I don’t want to see […]

5 Essentials For Your First E Bike Ride

– Hitting the trails for the first time on your e-mountain bike is guaranteed to be a load of fun. You’re definitely going to learn a lot of things along the way. So today I’m going to be showing you five things you should definitely do on your first e-bike ride. (crackles) Now one thing […]