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Can You Use Mountain Bike Forks For Rear Suspension? | Ask GMBN Tech

(technical noises) – Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. It’s our weekly Q and A show. If you want to get some questions into ask us, there’s an email address at the bottom of the screen right there or you can add them in the comments below. Just make sure if you’re asking questions, use the […]

How To Replace Your Mountain Bike Fork

– Fixing a new fork to your bike is a fantastic upgrade, and it can really improve the handling. It’s actually a fairly simple process to do yourself at home. So I’m gonna demonstrate by fitting a new RockShox fork to my Nukeproof Scout. Really simple, this is how. (dramatic booming) As with any job, […]

Basic Mountain Bike Air Shock Service

– We often tell you here at GMBN Tech how to look after your bike, and in particular, we tend to look at things the transmission, because that’s the stuff that really has to put up with your day to day use. But equally, your suspension forks get a bit of a hard time, and […]

Long Or Short Travel For Trail Riding? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Ok, welcome back to another Ask GMBN Tech. This is the 17th show and this is a weekly show where hopefully we get to answer all your tech related mountain bike questions. You can get your questions into us in the comments below this very video. We’ll be patrolling that afterwards. Also, you can […]

The Mountain Bike Fork That Broke Doddy’s Face | Ask GMBN Tech

(electronic music) – Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech, in fact this one is a little bit different to usual. This is ask me specific questions, a special this month. The guys on our social media team put some posts up asking you guys to ask me some questions about the worst bikes I’ve ridden, the […]

Mountain Bike Rear Suspension Set Up Ep. 7 | GMBN MTB Essentials

– This is the GMBN Tech Essentials series. Our easy to follow guide to maintaining and setting things up on your bike. This particular video is all about setting up the sag on your rear suspension, and dialing everything in. Something which is actually very simple to do, provided you follow a few simple rules, […]

How Does A Chain Affect Suspension Performance | GMBN Tech Geek Edition

So this is the geek edition of how does your chain effect your suspension. There are many different factors when you’re talking about suspension kinematics. Things like brake jacking, anti-squat, but the one we’re talking about today I pedal kick back. And how your chain tension effects your suspension action. So, what is pedal kick […]

Stanchion + Dropper Post Scratch Repair | GMBN Tech How To

– Stanchion tubes are the upper tubes on suspension forks, or the upper legs, and they’re quite prone to gettin’ scratched from flying debris, bikes leaning against each other, and even crashing and stuff. Now, what you don’t want is a scratch with a burr in it, it’s gonna damage the seals and of course […]

Mountain Bike Suspension – The Fork Off | Ask GMBN Tech

– Welcome to another Ask GMBN Tech, this is our weekly Q and A show on the Tech channel where you get to ask tech-related we’ll answer some questions and hopefully we get to answer them for you. Get your questions into us at the email address on the bottom of the screen, right there […]

Will Your MTB Tyres Burst On A Plane? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. This is our weekly Q&A show. You get to ask questions related to technical stuff with mountain bikes and hopefully we give you those answers that you need. So if you wanna get involved, email us on the email address on the bottom of the screen there. Make sure […]