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Maintain Your Wheels | GMBN Tech How To

– We’re pretty lucky as mountain bikers with respect that the kit is pretty durable and tough these days. But, it still does require basic maintenance in order to avoid those costly repairs further down the line. Now although wheels are one of the those fundamental parts of the bike that you can’t ignore, most […]

Henry’s Disc Brake Hacks | Mountain Bike Brake Set Up Tips

– Bad feeling brakes can completely throw out a whole bike for me, it’s really, really important to get a nice positive feel, and although it’s a very subjective thing, how you might want them, there’s no reason you can’t maximize your brakes. So what we’re going to look at is ways to fine-tune them […]

How To Replace Your Mountain Bike Fork

– Fixing a new fork to your bike is a fantastic upgrade, and it can really improve the handling. It’s actually a fairly simple process to do yourself at home. So I’m gonna demonstrate by fitting a new RockShox fork to my Nukeproof Scout. Really simple, this is how. (dramatic booming) As with any job, […]

Basic Mountain Bike Air Shock Service

– We often tell you here at GMBN Tech how to look after your bike, and in particular, we tend to look at things the transmission, because that’s the stuff that really has to put up with your day to day use. But equally, your suspension forks get a bit of a hard time, and […]

How To Repair Tubeless Tyres | MTB Maintenance

– We often talk about tubeless tires as giving the best all-round off-road performance for a mountain bike, for a few reasons. Firstly, you’re removing the weight of an inner tube from that tire and replacing it with some sealant. That sealant patches up small holes whilst you’re riding and of course, there’s a decreased […]

Set Up Your Mountain Bike For Commuting And Urban Riding

– I’ve just made a video for GMBN about using your urban commute, be that to college, to school, to work, whatever it is, to best effect, essentially so you can get some more time on your mountain bike. Honing in some skills, getting that heart rate up for fitness reasons, and of course just […]