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How To Bleed SRAM HRD Disc Brakes | Road Bike Maintenance

– Now the reason for bleeding disc brakes is that sometimes your hydraulic brake lines can actually become contaminated with dirt, air, or in some cases even water. Obviously that results in poor braking performance. So today we’re gonna look at how to bleed the SRAM hydraulic road disc brake system. So you can get […]

How To Care For Your Rim Brakes | Road Bike Maintenance

– So following on from our video of TLC for disc brakes, we had loads of requests for TLC for rim brakes. And who am I to let you down? So here are seven tips for you so that your brakes slow you down and don’t let you down. (upbeat music) So checking out your […]

Fitting Disc Brake Pads On A Road Bike

– Disc brakes are here to stay, and whilst the pads do last quite some time, they will eventually need replacing, so today, let’s look at exactly how to do it so when the time comes, it’s a nice and simple job. (dramatic electronic music) (smooth dance music) Now generally, you’re going to want to […]

5 Disc Brake Maintenance Tips For Your Road Bike

(exciting music) – Disc brakes on road bikes and now coming on virtually all different manufactures of bikes and why? Well, they provide fantastic braking in all different weather conditions. However, they do require different maintenance methods compared to rim breaks. So let’s look at five ways on how you should be maintaining yours. (upbeat […]

How To Care For Your Disc Brakes | Road Bike Maintenance

– Disc brakes offer reliable braking performance in all weather conditions. Even those die hard rim brake fans of you, you need to admit this too. What’s talked about less though, is actually the maintenance required to get them working in tip top condition. The good news is, with these three simple tasks we can […]