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Dirty Kanza All Things Gravel Expo | Brand New Gravel Tech

– We’re here at the Dirty Kanza All Things Gravel Expo and it is just that, and a lot more. So, come on, let’s go and check it out. (relaxing music) We’re here on the Salsa stand with one of their latest prototypes of the Warbird. Now, it’s really gone next level in terms of […]

Berlin Track Cycling World Championships Hottest Tech

Manon Lloyd: We’re here in Berlin at the Track Cycling World Championships, and there’s some pretty cool bikes, including the world’s most expensive track bike. Let’s go check it out. [music] Manon: First up, we got our hands on six-times Olympic gold medalist Jason Kenny’s bike. Now, I was actually lucky enough to ride one […]

Sebastián Molano’s Colnago Concept | Team UAE Emirates Pro Bike

Speaker 1: Sebastián Molano is a 25-year-old Colombian cyclist who currently rides for the UAE Team Emirates. He started his career on the track but now his strength is in bunched sprints on the road. In fact, he won three stages in the Tour Colombia 2.1 just this year. Enough about the rider though. What […]

Vincenzo Nibali’s Merida Scultura | Bahrain Merida Pro Bike

– Vincenzo Nibali, an absolute legend of the sport of cycling, and here at the Giro d’Italia, he is lighting up the 2019 race, a race he has won on two occasions back in 2013 and 2016. But what is the bike of choice that he could take to victory here in Italy? And it […]

Cobbled Classic Bike Tech From Cycling’s Opening Weekend

[music] Interviewer: We are in Belgium, and as you can see, the weather is absolutely appalling, but this is kind of what makes these races so special. The atmosphere, the cobbles, the terrain, it’s just the hardest challenge you could possibly take on in cycling. We decided to take a closer look at the tech […]

Personalised & Lightweight Pro Cycling Tech From The Giro d’Italia 2019

– I’m here at the Giro d’Italia, and it’s time to go and find some of the lightweight and custom tech on the rider’s bikes. Let’s go and have a look. Right, I’ve just happened to bump into Alexander Vinokourov of the Astana team, and he has got, probably the most bling pair of shoes […]

Nairo Quintana’s Canyon Ultimate CF SLX

(whoosh sound) – This is the Canyon Ultimate CF SLX belonging to Nairo Quintana of the Movistar team. Quintana himself having finished on the podium three times at the Tour de France and also winning the Giro d’Italia. Let’s take a closer look at the bike which he’s hoping is gonna take him to victory […]