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How To Clean A Cyclo-cross Bike Like A Pro Mechanic

– All right, so, the rain has started to fall here at the Trek CXC Cup and I’ve got Mike Berry, one of the mechanics at the cannondale-cyclocrossworld.com team and we’re going to go back over to your trailer and we’re going to learn how to clean one of these bikes. – Absolutely. – All […]

Security Hacks For Protecting Your Bike From Being Stolen On Your Ride

(dramatic music) (mysterious music) – Now before I get on to the actual video itself, I’m just gonna point out this isn’t scaremongering or anything like that, but sadly, we do have some unscrupulous people among us who want to steal our pride and joy, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve worked nice and […]

5 Disc Brake Maintenance Tips For Your Road Bike

(exciting music) – Disc brakes on road bikes and now coming on virtually all different manufactures of bikes and why? Well, they provide fantastic braking in all different weather conditions. However, they do require different maintenance methods compared to rim breaks. So let’s look at five ways on how you should be maintaining yours. (upbeat […]

Bike Setup Tips For Smaller Cyclists | Emma’s Bike Fit Guide

(soft music) – I get so many questions from viewers who, like me, are a little bit smaller in stature, asking for advice on how to set up your bikes. In fact, there’s so many questions that I don’t have time to answer them all in the comments and by email. So I hope this […]

How To Get Perfect Gear Shifting On Your Road Bike

– Poor shifting gears are very likely to turn your bike ride into a miserable experience. Now, playing the game of gear shifting roulette is not one that anybody out there should have to undertake. Riding along, spinning your cranks, pressing your gear leaver, and hoping that the chain engages into the correct sprocket. Frightening […]

How To Remove Dried Tubeless Tyre Sealant

(whooshing) (slamming) (light music) – Tubeless tires are certainly becoming increasingly popular with the drop bar fraternity, and with that punctures are becoming less popular which let’s face it, is great news. But a question we do get asked over and over is, how do I clean dried up tubeless sealant from a bike frame. […]

How To Fix A Puncture On A Road Bike | Repair A Roadside Flat Tyre

– There’s nothing more deflating than the sound of air escaping from an inner tube when you’re riding along. So today, let’s have a look at how to repair a puncture at the side of the road so that you can continue your ride. So first things first, you want to make sure that you’re […]

Trash To Treasure | How To Fix Up An Old Bike

– Now it’s not often that you can get lucky with something pretty special just hanging around at the side of the street but I did ’cause a couple of months back on my way into work I stumbled across this very bike with this very sign just laying there ripe for my picking, let’s […]