Tacx NEO Bike Smart: A Realistic Cycling Experience

Since the launch of the NEO Smart, four years ago, our intention has always been to create the best and most immersive indoor cycling experience possible. Integrating a bike with the NEO Smart technology, brings what people love about the NEO and the bike together in a single product. This synthesis has led to the creation of the NEO Bike. Fusing a bike and a trainer together creates a whole new product typology that opens doors to new and unique features that will significantly enhance the indoor cycling experience now and in the future. For the first time, NEO Smart technology enables virtual shifting. Designed to instantly respond to gear changes, the virtual gears of the NEO bike exactly replicate what you would expect from shifting gears on your road bike. The customizable gears are displayed on a dedicated screen, giving you live feedback on how many gears you’ve got left on those steep climbs. In addition, we have created Gear Feel. Based on the road feel principle, the NEO Bike creates a small vibrating effect which accurately simulates the movement of an actual chain jumping into the next gear. An unexpected, stunning sensation. The NEO technology enables a realistic and smooth ride feel. Utilizing Dynamic Inertia technology, we’re able to customize the ride feel to an individual rider’s weight and automatically adjust for speed and angle of inclination during training. This results in a true ride feel that replicates an outdoor ride in an extremely natural manner. By measuring and adjusting the position of the internal magnets thousands of times per second, together with an integrated left and right cadence sensor, the NEO Bike is able to generate an accurate power analysis graph in real time. This will allow you to analyze and improve your power distribution and cycling performance. Two interactive air fans that control the air flow based on your heart rate, speed or power will cool your body and in turn maximize cycling comfort and performance. A seamless, wireless connection between hardware and software really brings the NEO Bike to life and ensures the most realistic indoor ride when training with the Tacx, Zwift or any other application. And with indoor cycling becoming more popular every day, it will redefine how we experience indoor cycling altogether. This is the NEO Bike.