Spinder : The First & Friendliest Gay Spin Community

INSTRUCTOR : Good Evening. Good Evening. Good Evening. Happy Friday!! LUKE : We needed to go somewhere that wasn’t
a bar or a club or somewhere where we did lots of drinking. And I’ve met the most
new people in the last 10 months and really just completely changed my social scene. My favourite thing about Spinder is the dance
routines. ANDY: Dance. Pop. Cheesy Pop. 90s. 80s. LUKE: Spinder makes exercise fun, absolutely.
Here, I know I’m gonna do 45mins and I know I’m gonna enjoy the 45mins ANDY: Camp as Christmas with all the pink
trimmings. And it’s so much fun you don’t realise you’re actually doing fitness. LUKE: Who doesn’t love a bit of synchronised
dancing? ANDY: Yes. It’s a spinning sensation with
a glimmer of gays! The social side is amazing, I’ve never been to so many… Flip Out,
Club Nights, Quizes. It’s brilliant. It is fantastic, I’ve met so many new and amazing people.